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SutiExpense ACH Integration Ensures Faster Reimbursements

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When it comes to business expense reporting, employees care about how fast the process is rather than how stressful it is. Which is why we have made one of the slowest processes faster i.e., reimbursements, by introducing online reimbursements via ACH payment gateway in SutiExpense.

Reimbursements for employee expense reports usually takes weeks or months with the offline procedure. Integrating with ACH payment gateway will not only streamline the process but speed it up significantly. Ideally, once your expense report gets final approval, it takes 3-4 business days to process reimbursement requests, but with ACH, reimbursements can be done instantly in just a few clicks.

We want to quicken the entire reimbursement process, which is why we ensure that the setup process wouldn’t take much of your time. To integrate with ACH payment gateway, you have to configure your business account and other details from which reimbursements for expense reports have to be processed as well as configure the employee accounts to which you want the amounts credit. Once everything is configured, the final step is to push all the approved expense reports to the ACH payment gateway to get the payments done. The payments will get reflected in the employee’s account in 3-5 working days.

There are a ton of benefits that comes with this feature – easy approvals, quick turnaround time, tracking and notification when a payment fails. Your employees can track the status of their reimbursements from start to end. Once the reimbursement is done, the system will notify both finance admin and the employee. Also, a report with complete transaction details will be generated so that you can track every penny you pay to employees. These reports can be further used for expense auditing. The biggest benefit of all is – making the reimbursement process a breeze for business owners.