SutiExpense: Cutting-edge Features Mitigate Pain of Expense Reports

Keeping track of receipts and creating spend reports has been a painful process for business travelers. Advanced features of SutiExpense help remove bottlenecks from the expense reporting and trip approval process.

Credit Card import:

Automatic credit card import capability allows employees to import both personal and business related credit card transactions directly into the expense report. With this feature, it takes almost no time to complete an expense report.

Travel integration:

Travel integration streamlines the complete T&E booking and expense management process from beginning to end. Employees can plan, book, and purchase complete travel itineraries within your business travel policy – all from a single web interface.

Robust reporting:

Sophisticated reporting module helps employees easily create ad-hoc reports, charts, and graphs. These reports provide great insights into expense data to help make informed decisions. Reports can be prepared across various categories and formats which offer a quick assessment of performance.

Digital reports:

Employees can submit e-receipts from their mobile or a PC. The receipts can be attached to reports digitally thereby eliminating the need to carry paper receipts. Employees can create expense reports, capture receipts, submit, and approvers can approve/reject them anywhere, anytime with the help of mobile apps.

Detailed audit log:

In-built audit log capability captures all the changes made at multiple levels in expense reporting. It also maintains a description of actual change along with the date and time stamp.

Cost allocation:

SutiExpense offers the ability to allocate spends to various projects, cost centers, departments, customers, and other categories. This mainly enhances spend visibility, expense tracking and cost control through accountability. The cost center fields can be customized to match your business records.