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SutiExpense, Ranked One of the Best Expense Management Software by G2 Crowd

Expense Management Software - SutiExpense
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This year, 2018, has already shown a great start for SutiSoft, as SutiExpense has been ranked as one of the highest rated expense solutions by G2Crowd, a popular business software review platform.

G2 Crowd rated all cloud-based expense solutions based on user satisfaction, and SutiExpense has been ranked one of the best solutions in the industry. The ranking is primarily based on five factors including Ease of Use, Quality of Support, Customizable Features, User Adoption, and Ease of Doing Business.

Since the expense management industry has many players, choosing the best solution that stands out from the crowd can be a challenge. Fortunately, product review sites such as G2 Crowd can take the anxiety and guesswork out of the selection process. As businesses use these systems day-in and day-out, these review websites offer the most up to date and credible facts for decision makers.

SutiExpense scored 70% on all factors and attained the highest rating (100 %) for ease of doing business in the grid. According to the report, SutiExpense can be seen in the top spot for meeting business requirements and ease of use.

Key features that make us stand out from the competition include automatic receipt capture, multi-level approval workflows, smart scan technology, detailed spend requests, alerts, and notifications.

Citing product review sites and comparing the top solutions available is always a good way to start your search. Also, it is important to do so before making a decision. Evaluating real user reviews and considering word-of-mouth recommendations is an efficient method of choosing the best expense report solution.

Thanks to all our users for rating SutiExpense as the best expense report software solution. We continue to enhance our product so as to meet your ever-changing business requirements.

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