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Stay On Top of Your Expense Reports with SutiExpense

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Stay On Top of Your Expense Reports with SutiExpense

We’ve all experienced these, getting a move on a business trip, meeting clients, taking on projects, and then realizing your trip is over and your expense report is blank. You rethink your expenses and shoebox all your receipts. Creating expense reports can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you are working with the archaic paper process. Fortunately, expense software will make the process easy with automation.

Here are some ways through which expense software makes the reporting process easy:

Enter Expenses on the Go

With the SutiExpense mobile app, users will have the flexibility to capture receipts anywhere, anytime. Simply open the app, and take a snap the moment you receive a receipt. This will not only make your job easier but also avoids receipt loss. As every transaction can be reported immediately, reimbursements can be done quickly.


The easy-to-use interface system allows you to plug-in expense reports quickly when required. The system contains pre-defined business rules to avoid any expense claims that are out-of-policy. Also, the solution triggers automatic reminders to employees and managers for the expense report submission and approval.

Minimize Data Entry

Expense software takes manual data entry off the plate. The system writes some data such as merchant, date, and amount into the expense report without you manually entering the data. Once you are ready to create an expense report, all these details will get automatically coded for you.

Import Corporate Card Transactions

The expense reporting system can connect with your corporate credit cards and pull your credit card transactions into the expense report. All your transactions can be automatically imported into your account without any manual data entry. Ultimately, this would make the reconciliation and validation process much easier.

Pre-Trip Approval Request

Our system allows you to create expense requests with cost estimates and send them for approval prior to your trip departure. These requests can then be converted into expense reports after completing the trip in just a single click. This would let you know the expenses ahead, thereby, allowing you to figure out why you are running out of the budget.

Send Receipts to Email

All your receipts can be pulled into your account by forwarding to receipts@sutisoft.com. Your expense software should capture the receipt in any format. Thus, allowing you to avoid any receipt loss.

Recall the Reports Submitted

You can recall the expense reports submitted, make any changes required, and then resubmit to the approver. This happens mainly when you submit out-of-policy expense claims.

Get a product demonstration today and find out how SutiExpense can help you.

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