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Time and Attendance Management Software will Boosts Employee Productivity

Employee Attendance Management

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With changing workforce activities and the need to improve efficiency, businesses are beginning to look into leveraging an attendance management solution to better manage their workflows. HR solutions that are comprised of functionalities around payroll, recruitment, and attendance management systems are all in high demand within the market today.

Data errors, lengthy paperwork, and time-consuming processes have forced businesses to invest in an automated attendance management system. Below are some features an automated time tracking system offers to businesses:

Time tracking

HR managers no longer are required to fill out employees timesheet data manually. Manual time tracking has burdened employees for years with lots of costs and time. A cloud-based time-tracking solution can track all employee clock-in and out hours, no matter if they are working remotely from different regions or continents.

Time-scheduling options

The time scheduling functionality helps businesses and employees manage working shifts. Today, organizations have many employees working at different times or locations. Time-tracking software allows businesses to track and record the unique schedules of employee timings. All updates, including notifications, email alerts, and scheduling changes, are all tracked in real-time, thus streamlining the company’s overall workflow processes.

Mobile application

The mobile app enables employees to punch in and out using their mobile devices. Allowing employees who travel to use this feature for reporting their travel costs and work schedules. The mobile application also enables HR administrators to easily track, update, run payroll, and manage employee timesheets from anywhere, anytime, without needing to always be in the office.

Biometric kiosk

Employees can quickly sign in and out using biometric device technology plus can confirm specific work schedules, time-off requests, and manage their daily activities and tasks better than ever before. This type of authentication methods eliminates any misconduct of time and attendance.

Payroll integration

Studies have reported that businesses who invest in an attendance management solution should also invest in a payroll software system. Choosing an integrated payroll system can help automatically import employee timesheet data into the payroll solution, meaning no more manual entries. As the process is now fully automated you don’t have to worry about data errors and security.

Alerts & notifications

Automatic notifications alert an employee and their manager when they left work before clock out and thus accruing overtime. This can help track employee time records and control company expenses.

Audit trail features

Automated systems provide a complete view into employee timesheet data along with any changes made by the manager. The right solution will help gather the required details whenever needed for auditing purposes.

Time and attendance management systems come in handy with many advanced options available today. Features like fingerprint scanning, keypad recognition, smartphone entry, and authorized ID access. All these options reduce costs, administrative workload, and improve employee productivity.

Employee self-service streamlines all workflow processes, software intuitiveness, and flexibility to adapt quickly to any changes made. SutiHR attendance management solution is a sought-after system for businesses of all sizes. These type of automated solutions improve data accuracy, security, and reduces cost consistently across the entire company.


The costs associated with time and attendance management systems depend on whether you choose a cloud-based or an on-premise solution. With cloud-based systems including these features comes with many benefits compared to on-premise solutions, mainly cost savings.

With on-premise solutions, you will need to pay all costs upfront for things like physical machines and hands on training sessions. You must spend thousands of dollars on hardware, software, licenses, and installations. However, these one-time costs do not include ongoing support or software updates. On the other hand, a cloud-based solution usually charges either per user or by month. You can also pay for the features or modules you need instead of choosing a complete solution. However, all the software upgrades and support services are included in the monthly service cost of a cloud-based system. Organizations no longer need to worry about hardware set-ups or maintenance costs as everything will be stored on the cloud.

When it comes to time and attendance management systems, many systems come with a wide range of timeclocks – including PINs, swipe, biometrics, or badges. Your cost is based on the type of clock you select. Prices may also vary from hundreds for a simple basic clock to thousands of dollars for an advanced biometric clock.

Benefits of automating time and attendance

The benefits of leveraging a time management software are countless and seem never ending, the key features and benefits are listed below:

  • Payroll can be easily calculated without any errors
  • Complete visibility into labor costs
  • Employee data all stored securely in a centralized repository
  • Increased employee morale and satisfaction
  • Manage paperless employee clock in and out data
  • Consistently track employee time-off records

With continuous innovation, you can easily view auto-approvals and auto-updates which are taking center stage for critical decisions. Choosing a cloud-based HR solution such as SutiHR can help simplify time and attendance tracking management while also giving you complete control over the entire end-to-end employee management process.

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