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Tips for Marketing in the COVID-19 Pandemic

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During this COVID-19 pandemic, people are thinking of ways to prepare for social and economic recovery from disruption. The government has efficiently managed to address the present scenario keeping in mind the safety and health of its people and business. With companies adopting more remote work to ensure the safety of their staff, certain challenges such as handling clients, stakeholders, and teams have become prominent.

From start-up companies to SMBs, and also the MNCs have set up virtual offices in order to ensure business continuity and extend the same quality to its clients. But what does it take to play the cards correctly?

Here are the key points focusing on the marketing insights that will provide you an idea of how to manage the impact of coronavirus on your business with the help of automated CRM software.

  1. Focus on Human Interactions and Adjust for Relationship Marketing

During the time of this global crisis, it is a good idea to show empathy towards your consumers now more than ever before. Many of you still follow the same practice as earlier, that is, blast emails to the client or post on a social media platform. However, mass messaging may not be the best way to communicate in this situation. Instead, we suggest to create personal connections with them. Not only because it will be beneficial to your business, but also it is what your customers require.

Create segments of clients based on their relationship with the brand. For instance, what is their loyalty status, the ones who have birthdays this month, and much more. Later, hand them over to the Customer Success team for some special outreach treatment. This is what a good relationship means.

2. Lean into Client Base

With consumer preferences and behavior changing and digital channel expenses increasing while budgets shrink, it is probably not a good time to try out new acquisition strategies. Also, it might be time to rethink whether to leverage intent-based audiences as a default.

One tip to generate a maximum level of certainty is to focus on consumers you understand and create their unique characteristics in order to uncover new audiences. For instance, make segments of your VIPs or longest standing clients and utilize them as lookalike audiences across the advertising platforms. Refreshing viewers daily or weekly will make sure that you control uncertainty as much as possible.

3. Brace the Changes in your Client Preferences

Due to the uncertainty in the outside world, it is obvious to observe changes while dealing with your clients too. Not all consumers will behave in the same manner, and their behavior might change on a daily or weekly basis. So, do not jump to conclusions quickly. A client may demand a change not only related to product/service preference, but also in communication mode.

The ability to generate email templates, SMS, and the phone script for the calling team within the CRM solution helps to inform the marketing department in real time and maintain consistency in managing customers.

4. Mass Mailing and IVR

A robust customer relationship management system’s ability to integrate with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) app helps to enable process-driven communication for the investments from and within the CRM tool. It supports pre, as well as, post-sales aspects of your business effectively. Not only will it help the marketing campaigns, but also with survey management and self-service. Allowing the telephony software and CRM integration helps to enhance business and increase client reach and service.

Managing mass mailing with the help of groups from CRM applications helps to enable marketing to a specific extent by sending product/service announcements, marketing messages, and so much more with great ease.

5. Stop the Panic Immediately

Don’t get into the urge to reach the depth of the database to contact every client. Stay calm, make the right decisions, and show empathy in creating, planning, executing the marketing strategies, and double down on the consumers you know. After all, everyone is looking for some normalcy during this hectic time. Give that to your clients too.

The Bottom Line

The coronavirus pandemic has crippled healthy work lives and has challenged the economic operations across the globe. Businesses are impacted in complex ways, yet everyone is working hard to revive the economy and get the routine back on track. Leveraging a cloud-based CRM solution ensures that customer experience and engagement are not compromised even in these unprecedented circumstances. The software offers customized methods to increase a company’s efficiency at cost-effective adeptness.

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