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Tips To Choose a Reliable Vendor for Purchasing Procurement Software

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In today’s competitive business world, almost every CPO believes having an advanced procurement solution is a good idea. Many businesses haven’t implemented procurement solutions in their solutions due to a variety of reasons. If you belong to the same category of companies, then you should consider investing in procurement solutions at least now. You might have ignored procurement software implementation as it seems too complex and expensive, or you don’t think you have the right resources to support it.

While these concerns are valid, it has become imperative for businesses to adopt automated procurement processes to sustain themselves in today’s competitive world. Many enterprises are implementing procurement solutions to streamline their operations. It simplifies the procurement process significantly and helps businesses to keep up to date with the modern business world and stay ahead of their competitors.

If you’ve decided to automate processes and started looking at different eProcurement solutions, you will have a huge variety of options in the market. Finding a reliable vendor and the best software that perfectly suits your organization’s purchasing processes is a difficult task.

In this article, we have listed a few factors to consider while choosing the right vendor to purchase procurement software.

Reliable Vendor

Purchasing costly software doesn’t help you achieve the expected outcome until you implement it correctly. According to a research report, only 30% of the solutions are fully implemented, and 70% fail due to various reasons. So, finding a vendor with a good implementation rate is crucial. It usually happens when the vendor makes false promises, exaggerates the product features, or hides extra charges. So, make sure the vendor you choose will stand on his promises and commitments. Fortunately, well-established companies and top brands come in handy in this case. For instance, at SutiSoft, we had many successful implementations, and our software implementation rate is 100%.

Good Rating & Reviews

Earlier were the days when we had to depend on the reviews or testimonials published on the company’s official marketing collateral, such as brochures, banners, or websites. But today, many review platforms exist, and on those review websites or mobile apps, you can get a genuine review from the customer. Always go for a vendor with good reviews and ratings from existing users.

Great Customer Service

Some vendors make false promises regarding support, and they will abandon you after the software installation. So, if you face any issues while using the software, the vendor won’t support resolving them. It will lead to delayed processes and affect work productivity. Go for a reliable service provider who offers support to you whenever required. Reliable companies such as SutiSoft support you throughout the software implementation and keep in touch to ensure you are satisfied with the procurement software.

Customizable Solution

Not all businesses operate similarly, and every enterprise will have unique processes, policies, and requirements. The software you are going to purchase should include all the features you need to handle your procurement processes and offer customization options if required. For instance, you need a customized catalog dashboard to provide your users with an e-commerce alike shopping experience. The vendor should be able to customize the solution to suit your specific requirements within the specified timelines.

The Conclusion

Investing in procurement software is vital for businesses to manage purchasing processes effectively. Procurement solutions enable you to maintain a centralized repository of crucial information such as requisitions, orders, purchases, and other information and allow authorized people any information from anywhere. The software eliminates the paperwork and cost associated with paper processes and physical storage and thereby helps enterprises to save money. Plus, automation helps to avoid errors that may need extra effort and expensive functions like dispute investigation, error identification, and resolution. Procurement software reduces the time required to complete tasks such as requisition, approvals, ordering, and invoicing. As most of the time-consuming processes are automated and a reduction in errors and physical paper transfer, the transaction can be completed quickly.

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