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Top 5 Reasons to choose HRM Software

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Share the post Now is the time to handle HR related issues via software. How…

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Now is the time to handle HR related issues via software. How long will you have your HR executives keeping track of employees in a paper. The job is tiring and wastes time. SutiSoft has come up with a unique way to handle HR issues. The HRM Software will solve most of your problems.

You must be wondering as why will you choose HR Software over others as there are many such software in the market.

Here we will give you the top 5 reasons to choose HRM Software over others.

  1. The HR software is online human resource management software that automates the HR, payroll, talent management, time and attendance tracking processes using a unified platform. It gives access to comprehensive talent pools for external and internal candidates.
  2. Coming to performance measurement, it is very effective with this tool. It results in perfect decision making and helps managers evaluating employee performance and sign-off them electronically using electronic signature solution.
  3. The built-in dashboards and advanced analytics make HR decision making process easy at any stage. Managers can view and approve interview schedules, employee requests and leave applications as well.
  4. MY HR portal for employees to view and manage their personal information such as leaves, trainings, benefits, approvals and daily/weekly reports. Employees can view assigned project plans, time logs, warnings and escalations.
  5. Flawless payroll management can be a tedious task. But this HR management tool makes it easy with its automation. HR managers can spend less time calculating payroll, more on focusing employee needs.

Now you have enough reasons to choose this software to handle your HR related issues. Not only these, there are several other features, which make this software a unique one.

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