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Top Benefits of Expense Management App for Business Travelers

benefits of mobile expense management
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Managing business travel expenses using spreadsheets is a pain for many organizations and their employees. If controlling travel expenses is one of your top priorities, investing in a mobile expense management app can be the best choice you have ever made. The solution helps you easily handle the employee incurred expenses during corporate travel and lower your overhead.

Find out the benefits of a mobile expense app for managing travel spend.

Quickly Create New Expenses

Employees need not to wait until they come to office to file receipts and complete their expense report. With the mobile expense app, all they will have to do is to take photos of their receipts; the mobile app creates a digital copy of the expenses and adds to the employees’ account.

Submit Expenses On the Go

Earlier, employees have to collect the receipts and wait until they return to the office to submit them. Employees may make mistakes in expense reports in a hurry to complete other essential tasks. Rather than waiting until the last minute to file their expenses, employees can use the mobile solution that helps them capture expenses on the go.

No Risk of Losing Receipts

When employees travel for business, they focus on their primary job to get the most out of their trip. The risk of losing receipts they need to submit is pretty high. However, you need to reimburse the amount they spend from their pocket, so scanning the receipts in real-time using a mobile app is the best thing you can offer your traveling employees.

Automatic Credit Card Feeds

When payments are made using a corporate credit card, employees get reimbursed faster with automated systems. Electronic credit card feeds help you skip the manual processing, and approvers will no longer have to check every report as everything is automatically reconciled with the help of the expense app.

Implement a business travel policy

With an expense management solution, you can integrate your business travel policy to enhance compliance among employees. Practically, expense approvers and travelers will never remember the business travel policy and could forget some of the rules your company has when it comes to travel expenses, but an automated system will always highlight mistakes and non-compliant claims.

Today, most employees use a smartphone that makes their personal and work life more comfortable. So getting an expense management app will increase their satisfaction during corporate travel with a seamless mobile experience. You need to select the right solution that suits your needs, and employees realize the positive impact and benefits of it.

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