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Top Features to Look for in a Leave Management System

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As a part of regular HR professionals and business leaders activities, trying to manage every employee’s leaves has never been a simple task. It is one of the most significant aspects of any business and includes much more than only granting and approving leaves of the entire staff.

Leave management forms are a complicated web of internal rules and leave policies, processes, laws and regulations by central and state authorities. It turns more complex while handling employee records, ensuring compliance with leave policies, and trying to process staff leave details, all with excel spreadsheets.

Adding to this turmoil is when multiple leave requests land in your inbox or enter through SMS without being able to track them properly.

No matter whether you are running a small or a large business, leave management can be a difficult activity to manage because of the known high impact on business functions. An online employee leave management software can aid you in streamlining and simplifying the complete process.

Read on to know the major features you must look for in a cloud-based leave management solution.

  • Minimize Payroll Errors

It becomes extremely exhausting to manually monitor every leave taken by employees and later manually calculate payouts correctly to run payroll.

But if your HR manager have access to an auto-populated staff leave calendar integrated with your payroll management software, then all calculations would automatically take place within the system, and there will be no need to calculate leaves manually.

This enhances the overall efficiency of your human resource department and minimizes human errors on the payroll.

  • Self-service for Employees

Do your employees run to your desk to know whether their leave has been approved or what their remaining leave balances are?

Empower your staff with a self-service portal. This self-service dashboard will help your employees solve all their leave-related queries and requests instead of approaching their managers every time.

The portal acts as a single access point to manage all employee details thus, making leave management a trouble-free process for managers as well as their employees.

  • Keep a Check on Your Unscheduled Leaves

Unscheduled leaves can have a deeper impact on overall productivity. An employee can be on leave for many reasons, and keeping a check on any unplanned leaves can be tedious and daunting. The common way to handle this is to recognize a possible pattern of absences before and possibly to nip the problem in the bud, thus reducing its occurrences.

Good leave management solutions can be integrated seamlessly with your online attendance management software, no matter whether if it’s web-based attendance tracking, biometric device, or key card access. Timely notifications to the employer on a worker’s absence can aid and mitigate the time spent looking for another staff member to cover the absence.

Moreover, integrated attendance data with a company’s leave management solution ensures the efforts of HR leaders are minimized while also following compliance leave rules and policies set by the company.

  • Enhance Decision Making with Reports and Intuitive Dashboards

With this captured data, your attendance management solution must also be able to create specific, tailored analytical reports, either in the form of graphs or tables. It is extremely crucial for any HR team, which spends a lot of time generating and examining reports to have access to such a helpful solution.

  • Leave Policies- The Way You Want

No two companies are identical to policies and regulations. Even within the same company, holiday calendars, and leave policies may vary based on the workplace location and which team you are working with.

A good attendance management software allows managers to configure company-specific leave rules and policies involving balance proration, encashment policies, accrual calculations, and much more, while also staying in compliance with central and state regulations.

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