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A Guide to Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

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Time and Attendance System

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We all know that the traditional method of employee time tracking includes signing at the time of entering and leaving work. This is only a superficial way of describing since it involves much more. Additionally, there are multiple ways to carry out the process. Let’s check out what employee time and attendance tracking are and how it is beneficial for your organization.

Meaning of Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Time and attendance tracking in an organization is the action of calculating the hours that every employee has worked throughout the day. It includes hours between employees entering and leaving the workplace, along with overtime or the shortage of hours that did not get completed for any reason.

How to Keep a Time Control?

The concept of tracking time sounds like signing the register, but the way it is carried out should be modernized. Earlier, when an employee signed at the time of entering and leaving their workplace, the signing was done manually using pen and paper or a time card.

Several organizations still follow the manual process, and this method adds an overload of unnecessary work. When you are talking about a larger organization with extensive employees, think about the burdensome paperwork and extra documents. Also, imagine the number of subsequent reports and the work of arranging the protocols of tracking time.

Today, there is automated time tracking systems and registration system that are available in the market to update information simultaneously about an employee’s arrival and departure time. There is software for management of work schedules, fingerprint detection, biometrics, wristbands, personal and non-transferable codes, and more. By leveraging these technologies, organizations can manage the hours of the employees without spending more time on the process.

Additionally, many time management systems which enable you to monitor time provide other services like payroll management programs. The HR department can improve, as every manager has the goal of minimizing the time spent in the processes like payroll management.

Why Should You Use A Time Tracking System?

Time tracking is beneficial for the organization as well as the employees. A time tracking software helps employees to monitor that they are not working overtime and the organization can control the problem of absenteeism, save time managing schedules and keeping up with dates.

With time and attendance software, employees need to enter their clock-in and out time, even during breaks. This is a useful process to see the hours the employees spend working and developing tasks to measure productivity and make timely decisions. Also, tracking time also serves as a salary and payroll management tool because it is an essential source of information.

Benefits of Having Time Tracking Software at Your Organization

Implementing time and attendance tracking software in your organization enables you to make flexible schedules easily and manage shifts by looking at the page which includes schedules of all the employees which is more useful when your organization has a high employee turnover rate. Lastly, it is good to count the hours that employees owe to the company or vice versa.

While thinking of the advantages, you should also consider the disadvantages of having a time control in your organization. At times, employees may feel uncomfortable by assuming that there is constant surveillance during the working hours.

If this is a change made in your organization, you must make sure that you communicate correctly; always highlighting the advantages the system can bring for the employees. Lack of communication makes your employees lose their trust in your organization as well as their motivation to do their tasks.

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