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Travel-Expense Integration for Better Control

As companies work to cut down costs and ensure every penny spent of their travel budget is well accounted for, they are emphasizing more and more on visibility and greater control over their travel expenditure. Increasingly, companies want a centralized system that offers seamless integration between travel booking and expense management.

Also, the new generation of mobile booking and payment services is changing the travel landscape for corporate travelers. Business travelers are looking for new ways to book, and pay for travel from a broad range of channels. Having a fully integrated solution that handles both travel booking and expense reporting can be a great benefit to companies. With integrated solution, organizations can ensure maximum automation while streamlining travel-expense management process and other internal processes.

By integrating travel system with expense reporting system, you can incorporate business policies into the system, which lets you prevent your employees from submitting out-of-policy expense claims. As travel systems have strategic tie-ups with online-booking engines of airlines, hotels and other car rental companies, it becomes easy for you to book itineraries and accommodation that comply with your business policies. As travel data gets directly imported to the expense application, there would be no scope for employees to tamper the data.

Besides avoiding fraud, this integrated platform will provide you more visibility and control over business travel. You can figure out who is spending what and for which category the most spending happens. Integrated booking platform helps businesses identify miscellaneous spending patterns and allows you to figure out anomalies.

Also, the integrated solution allows you to make all payments centrally through which you will receive a structured overview of travel costs that can be matched automatically against cost policy. With this, business travelers are not required to use their personal cards to pay for travel expenses. Since the data can be read automatically, there won’t be any redundant issues. Embracing integrated systems makes booking and paying for business traveler faster, easier and transparent than ever before.

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