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Uncover Hidden Savings Opportunities Using Expense Software

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Controlling corporate travel and expense costs requires you to have visibility into the data so the spending patterns can be easily analyzed and appropriate actions can be taken. Having more data makes it challenging to analyze the spending patterns and makes the data analysis complex. Reports help you to review and analyze the data, so you will have a clear understanding of the company spending.

SutiExpense configurable dashboard gives you a customized view so you can generate various reports and gain insight into the company’s spend.

Reports for analysis

Our configurable dashboards give you the freedom to run reports on any data you are curious about. We feature over 40 reports that provide complete visibility into company spend. Need to know who is spending more? Curious about why employees are overspending? You can get the complete information in just a few clicks.

T & E analytics helps you gain insight into expense reporting by category, per diem and most expensed hotel vendors. There are reports like policy review report to get oversight into complete spend policies and out-of-policy violations. Moving away from manual system offers granular insight into spending and helps you to cut down T & E costs.

Reports generated in minutes

You don’t have to wait for long hours for data export; all the reports can be created in a few minutes, thereby avoiding long waiting times. And, we also have an automatic scheduler feature that automatically generates reports based on the defined time. This frees you from running reports every time as they get automatically generated periodically. Reports of any criteria can be easily generated, regardless of the rows or columns, it holds.

The reports created will be saved for the next time you visit analytics. This saves a lot of your time and energy in pulling the same report each day. If you wish to get a report on different spend data, you can easily modify the settings and create a flexible report for next level of analysis.

Historical data is available

Majority of solutions store travel and expense data for a short period, making your team responsible for all data back-ups. SutiExpense stores your information securely, so you can always see and track the changes of your spending. You will always have a chance to analyze the historical data and never have to worry about missing data again. As a result, your finance department will be better equipped with reports and data to uncover hidden opportunities, which benefits you in the long run.

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