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What are E Signature Solutions and How are they Beneficial?

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E signature solutions save time and money. In general, signatures are used for the approval and authentication of documents. More importantly, signatures authenticate any form of agreement on paper and justify the intention of the signatory. A consensual agreement does not hold water unless decorated with a signature. A binding contract implies a signed document and shows proof of deliberation and mutual consent of the participants.

The electronic equivalent of a wet signature is the electronic signature. Basically, electronic signature is a generic term and may constitute other forms of online signatures such as digital signatures, e sign, email signature etc., stating that any form of signature online is in broad terms an electronic signature.

Now that specific terminology has been clarified, the next question would be its benefits and credibility. Before beginning with the benefits of e signature solutions, it is important to note that electronic signatures are legal. That’s right. Several laws have been passed around the world that state that all documents with electronic signatures are fully enforceable by law.

What are the benefits of this software?

  • Every signature is authenticated with a password. Every signed document comes with specific encryption. This prevents any unauthorized access.
  • Documents can come in any format. User has a variety of formats to send the documents in.
  • It can be fully integrated with other solutions. This flexibility to integrate makes it ideal to use e signature solutions for all kinds of transactions.
  • By using e signature software, organizations can ensure a positive customer experience as the customers can have their transactions completed immediately without having to wait.
  • It allows users to affix their signatures even when they are travelling.
  • It reduces the usage of paper and other associated costs like scanning, printing, and storing documents.

Above all, they help save time, effort, and money.

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