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What Does A DMS Administrator Do?

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A Document Management System is a smart solution that enables and empowers organizations to automate and manage the complete document and record lifecycle. It is a robust solution that helps them manage their business documents securely from a single interface. Documents can be shared among teams and business units and approval processes can also be done online to save time.

The administrators of the document management system have the authority to assign access privileges and create hierarchies. Their login credentials precede everyone else’s within the company and allow them the highest access. Here are some of their job responsibilities:

Feasible User Creation and Management

Administrators can create users & user groups and manage them by providing necessary privileges/restrictions based on their job roles, designation, level in the company hierarchy, and job responsibilities. Administrators can however have access to view all users’ profiles.

Wipe Out Un-used Disk Space

Sometimes, users get engaged in their work, and in their busy schedules, they may forget to delete their recycle bins, which results in piling up a huge amount of data unnecessary for their business operations. Administrators can view the users’ recycle bins, identify the unused disk space, and perform necessary operations such as permanently deleting files, or restoring them to free up their disk space.

Ensure Security

Administrators can set security privileges by allowing/restricting users to view documents based on their job roles and responsibilities, which helps maintain a secure and confidential document managing system. Files/documents can be easily shared with other users.

Provide Instant Access

Administrators can store documents in the user’s accounts very securely. However, administrators can access users’ accounts to view documents instantly and download them into their local system or directly to this solution.

Smart Storage System

Document management software helps administrators define the maximum size of the file that can be uploaded into the system. This helps the solution prevent breakdowns, system freezes, or crashes.

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