5 Steps to Hire the Right Employee Using Recruitment Software

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Today, organizations are facing many difficulties while recruiting the right candidate for the right position at the right time. They need smart recruitment software which simplifies the recruiting process and selects talented candidates to enhance business productivity.

By using the software, the HR manager can configure the interview panel and these panel members take the responsibility of the interview process and provide their rating and feedback to the candidates. With the help of this information, HR professionals can shortlist candidates and conduct further rounds.

Let’s now see the simple 5-step process of hiring the employee with the help of recruiting software.

Imports resumes

Once the managers or team leads raise the job requirement, the HR professional collects the required skills and posts the job opening in multiple sources. The software, with the help of application tracking system, imports/adds all the resumes matched with the given requirement from multiple sources to your database.

Shortlist the resumes

Once the HR manager gets a handful of resumes, they can pick the appropriate candidates who can perfectly fit the required position. Then you can schedule the interview process.

Interview Schedule

After scheduling the interview process, the HR notifies the panel members about the schedule; here the panel members have the flexibility to accept or re-schedule the interview. Once the panel members are ready for conducting the interview, the HR notifies the selected candidates about the interview schedule using the email templates provided.

Selecting the best candidate

The software provides the facility to conduct various kinds of interviews such as written test, video conference, online test, face to face interview, etc. and sort through all the results from a single location. Once the interview process is done, the panel members provide their feedback and comments for selecting and rejecting the candidates. Based on the feedback, the HR manager will finalize the best candidate.

Issue offer letter

After completion of the interview process, the HR professional will generate the offer letter for the selected candidates. The offer letter consists the joining date, annual pay, etc. and sends them to the management for approval. Once the approval formalities are completed, the HR drops the email along with offer letter to the selected candidates.

So, what are you waiting for? Make use of best recruitment software and simplify your recruitment process.

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