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6 Benefits of eSignature Software in the Education Industry

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People working in an education sector are often overwhelmed by tedious and time-consuming paperwork. Most educational institutions are looking for ways to incorporate new technologies in order to streamline how they operate at the educational and administrative levels. Plus, students as well as parents are increasingly are becoming more technologically aware and are looking into the future for an entirely new digitized experience.

Fortunately, many new technologies are evolving to simplify these processes in many areas, and the education industry is no exception. Particularly, with an eSignature solution you can get rid of the paperwork necessary to streamline company processes, while also minimizing errors offers a noteworthy benefit to students, parents, and staff members.

Here we’ve discussed the benefits of an electronic signature solution within the education industry to help you make the right decision for your organization.

Streamline Students application process

Traditional, paper-based application processes for student admissions, fee collections, and event registration is tedious and time-consuming. These processes require pen-and-paper signatures for acceptance, which disrupts the process flow. However, with eSignature software, staff members, parents, and students are all able to sign documents digitally from anywhere, minimizing the need to visit the schools in person to sign documents. The software will remind parents, students, and staff about any mandatory fields plus location for signatures, allowing managers to track documents in real-time to avoid any inconveniences.

Organize Institution Effectively

Educational institutions are constantly transforming in order to deliver the needs and requirements to their staff and students. Most changes come with compliant paperwork requirements, which can become a chaotic process if not managed well. It is imperative for these institutions to maintain their administrative staff equipped with the latest technology to ensure everything runs smoothly. Plus, raising the tuition price is increasing the pressure put onto schools, colleges, and universities in order to try and control costs.

Many learning institutions are adopting new technologies to deploy their systems online and digitize the entire documentation process. Notably, the online digital signature system helps educational institutions save the cost of paper, postage, storage, and archiving every document. The software brings speed and visibility while streamlining the whole process to benefit all parties involved in the process.

Stay Secure

Educational institution’s databases are comprised of student and staff’s data plus other sensitive documents which need to be secured against theft. With electronic digital signatures, these critical documents can be securely shared with the parents whenever necessary. With advanced solution the users are able to capture details of a signature, such as who signed the document, as well as, when and where. As more documents are shared online, there is no more document tampering, missing, or misplaced cases.

Third-party Integrations

Learning institutions’ infrastructure mostly consists of different software solutions and other applications integrated together for seamless data transfers. Most signature systems will allow you the capability to combine with your existing systems and applications, including sales automation, document management software, student records management, and enterprise content management. As each system works together, you no longer need to deal with manually entering data into a system that is prone to errors.

Support Full Mobile Enablement

In today’s fasted paced mobile-first world, it’s no longer enough to be online. Being mobile enabled is key for all organizations regardless of their size. Needing to log into a system in order to process applications is an old process. Most solutions available today offer native support for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. With digital signature solutions, users will now have the ability to interact with the institutions’ management, using their smartphones quickly and hassle-free.

Process Automation

Institutions must begin to automate workflows to ensure efficient administrative processes. An online signature platform eliminates the need of physical paper to complete transactions and thus reduces possible errors. Traditional paper-based processes involve various costs, such as paper and ink, printer maintenance, and shipping/postage costs.

Most of the costs included in these manual approval processes can easily be eliminated by using a digital signature solution. As well as, there may be many indirect savings, including the time required to fill out each document manually, track down lost documents, rekeying in data, and so much more.

The Conclusion

Educational institutions are now beginning to embrace advanced technologies to employ all types of digital materials in classrooms to help the learning process be more effective. The electronic signature software helps users streamline the paperwork involved in managing various forms such as course enrollments, financial aid applications, drop-class requests, change of course forms, and more. As the document authentication process is managed completely online, students no longer need to track down a professor or the management team for needed approvals.

Adding an eSignature solution with a mobile application to your institute’s toolkit will further improve the overall academic experience of your students and staff, plus saves time. The software automates the paperwork needed by institutions, streamlines financial transactions, boosts productivity, and improves the overall educational experience for students and guardians. Everything from class enrollment to transfers, student on-boarding, loan applications, school applications, teacher recruitment, and other necessary processes, will be solved with the utilization of digital signatures and will pave the way to improve the entire school administration system.

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