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Close More Deals with Electronic Signature Solution

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Receiving signatures for contracts can be daunting for any salesperson. Even when customers have approved an agreement, there can still be a long waiting period between the time they say ‘yes’ and the moment they sign the contract.

The reason could be that the client misplaced the contract in piles of emails, maybe the person is on-the-go, or doesn’t have the time to sign, print, scan, and then send it back. However, such delays could lead to losing the deal.

The next time you send a document to your client, make sure it gets created using an eSignature solution technology. It will prevent the redundancy of shuffling paperwork and emails to ensure the document doesn’t get delayed due to signature formalities.

Here we present multiple ways in which you can close more deals with an eSignature software solution.

1. Communicate Securely

Many agreements get delayed because of the nature of the work needed for confidentiality. To enforce the security of contracts signed with traditional ink, many organizations are known to go through specific protocols, which can be time-consuming, costly, and tedious.

However, using an electronic signature with encryption techniques allows you to verify the individual signature is unique to the party, while also preventing any unauthorized parties from accessing the contract. Thus, there is a high level of authenticity within all transactions when utilizing the right solution for your company.

In case any tampering does occur, the system instantly sends notifications and renders the document null and void. So, deploying eSignature technology for agreements helps to establish your credibility in the eyes of your current and future customers. It ultimately helps you close as many deals as fast as possible.

2. Improve Sales Department Productivity

Everything from prospecting to closing a sale takes many hours for a salesperson to pursue customers. Sales representatives spend almost one-third of their valuable time completing administrative work like filing documents, composing emails, scheduling meetings, entering data, and so much more. However, using eSignature technology can significantly minimize these manual efforts.

As the document collects a digital trail, it is much simpler to keep updated on the status of a contract. Instead of calling up every customer or sending multiple emails to locate the status of the agreement sales executives can save time and nurture prospects while building a robust customer relationship. It will also, in turn, generate leads and provide more opportunities for your sales team to close deals.

3. Real-Time Document Tracking

This feature within the technology enables you to track, in real-time, who opened the document you sent and when. You can easily monitor the progress of the contract through the sales pipeline. If the contract becomes stuck at any stage, you can quickly respond and spring into the action immediately to eliminate the bottleneck and continue to push it through every stage.

4. Verify No Signature Remains Pending

The excitement of receiving a signed document shrinks the moment you find the customer has missed a signature somewhere on the document. Again, you are back to square one. Esignature solutions eliminate such risks. While sending documents through the eSignature feature, you can easily highlight the fields where recipients must sign so they don’t miss one.

An eSignature tool will empower your sales teams to receive signatures instantly, thus sealing the deal within only a few minutes. Electronic signatures are now replacing traditional pen and paper-based signatures. So, if you are still following these archaic processes of paper and ink signatures for crucial documents, then it’s time for an update into the newest technology.

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