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Alleviating the Risk Factors of T & E Expense Reporting

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SutiExpense software solution offers a centralized platform for employee communication and allows you to interact with peers in ways you never imagined. The solution offers many features that allow you to take control of T & E related costs. Some of the key features are as follows:

Budget Controls

Our expense management solution allows you to import cost-center or project related budget figures into the systems so that you can monitor accruals against budgets. Also, you can know the amount spent for a particular cost-center or project.

Online Booking Integration

SutiExpense integrated with SutiTravel — an online travel booking solution, to help you make bookings all from one place. As both the systems are integrated, all the bookings you made will be directly imported to your expense report system, thus eliminating the need to re-enter the trip details.

Receipt Management

With SutiExpense, all your receipts are scanned using OCR technology and saved in the repository. Also, you can email receipts, store and send them as attachments right from a desktop or a mobile device.

Credit Card Feeds

Our expense report solution will automatically read the transaction information from the cards and populate expense reports with these details. Whenever a transaction is made, a feed is sent to the expense application wherein you can use that information to create reports.


Our software solution can work wherever your employee prefers, whether on a laptop, desktop or a mobile device, so that they can work anywhere, anytime.

Back-office Support

SutiExpense allows you to import information based on employees, hierarchies, vendors and GL codes. You can export/import data as and when required without undergoing much processes.

Policy Controls

You can enforce the travel and expense policies within the processes. These controls will alert employees as they enter the data that doesn’t comply with your T & E policy. This way they can make corrections or provide explanations for the expenses they report before submission.

In this way, our online expense report software helps you streamline the expense reporting procedures while making you stay within the budget.