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Are You Inspecting Your Employees’ Expense Reports Carefully?

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It’s an age-old practice that will never go away. Salespeople have to travel and their company has to reimburse them. This reimbursement is largely based on the expense reports that the employees submit and the receipts they attach to validate their expenses. In some cases, employees may unintentionally send duplicate reports, or duplicate receipts, or in some cases mismatch the actual amount and the proposed amount. Management does not always have the time to review these expense reports before approval, which in turn results in the unnecessary loss of revenue.

If yours is a sales-driven organization that has a team of sales people traveling on business routinely, shouldn’t you be worried that you could approve the expense reports that may contain errors? How do we take steps to counter this?

One of the best ways to counter this is to automate this process to remove scope for manual errors by deploying expense management software at your workplace. In this post, we’ll see how this software helps.

Whenever a user submits an expense report, expense reporting software does the following:

  1. Check Sub-expenses: The solution doesn’t support empty reports. So, in such cases, it first checks for the line items that have been added.
  2. Identifies incomplete expenses: The solution examines the submitted expense details and validates them by checking if all the necessary details are provided by the user or not. If required details are not provided, then the solution restricts them from submitting the report.
  3. Verifies Duplicate Expenses: Being a smart solution, the software compares this report with the other expense reports and easily identifies if the expense report already exists. In cases where it finds duplicates, the solution restricts the users from submitting the report.

If any of the above conditions is not satisfied, the solution shows an error message and restricts the user from submitting the report apart from displaying the error in the report.

So, how about deploying an online expense reporting software solution that helps its users generate accurate and genuine expense reports? Click here for more.