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How Mobile Expense Management Benefits Your Business?
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Business travel has experienced many changes since the launch of the mobile application. Given the major changes in the industry landscape, it is easy to overlook how mobile has changed the business travelers experience over the last few years.

The advent of mobile-optimized and cloud-based enterprise applications has made travel easy. Integrating seamlessly with other enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, the expense report software allows data to flow seamlessly between applications so that they can get their work done much faster.

So, what does this mean for business travelers? With travel and expense report solutions, you can book flights, hotels, and taxis from your mobile application. Travel data flow from one solution to another, so your itinerary details will be automatically populated in your expense report. Moreover, you will not need to worry about retaining receipts in order to report your expenses.

Just snap and send a picture of the receipt to your expense system and it gets automatically converted into expense reports, including where, when, and how much you spent by employee, department, and category. The mobile phone has replaced the laptop as per the modern business traveler’s choice.

Although mobile phones have streamlined business traveler lives, there’s still a lot of innovation happening in this area to make life even more simple and productive. The following are some of the new innovations to be rolled out for business travelers:

Virtual Cards

Companies are increasingly moving to virtual corporate cards as they can be securely stored on mobile devices. By allowing organizations to roll out payment cards to travelers on the fly, you can more effectively control spend, while minimizing the risk of stolen cards.


The ability to transmit data directly from the merchant to the expense system makes life easier for travelers. Right from airlines to hotels, travelers should be able to create expense line items automatically without spending much time submitting their details.

Responsive Websites

Organizations continue to roll out technology platforms worldwide, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for mobile app developers to create solutions that work effectively across every platform.

Consider solutions that feature a full range of functionality and global capabilities across any device.Making business travelers’ life more straightforward than they are today is something future travel and expense report applications should focus on.

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