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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing ATS for Recruiting Agency

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A robust applicant tracking system is a crucial piece of the solution that you can purchase for your recruiting business. As a recruiter, you spend hours regularly, on average, an HR professional spends more than three hours a day in ATS.

Modern recruitment agency solution is not only where you can store your candidate information, but also the place where everything occurs. It stores applicants, posts jobs, and helps you run hiring operations.

Choosing the Right Applicant Tracking Solution for Business

Create an Extensive List of Features

Features are indeed significant, but not all features are equally created. Hence, you must know what feature you need and how much the usability of the features matter to your business. After creating a comprehensive list of features, if you purchase what ticks most boxes, then you will end up with bloat-ware.

Be sure about your workflow and the different challenges before purchasing an ATS. Go for the one that helps you to perform what you want to do in the best way possible.

Pricing Does Not Matter

Price is not the best proxy for the product quality. There are two camps of pricing models. If one camp selects the lowest priced products, the other one thinks that a solution with the highest price is intrinsically better. Both of these procedures are rife with errors.

But the truth lies somewhere else. It is due to the democratization of solutions that the right software for your business may be a startup and not industry leaders.

Brand Proxy for the Sake of Quality

All the best brands are legacy solutions which are not user-friendly and clunky. Maturity of SaaS ecosystems comes from the fact that the internet makes it simple for people with specific pains to search their specific system. It allows entrepreneurs to create tools that can be streamlined to resolve particular problems you have and make it better than anyone else.

You just need to find out the right solution for you from a plethora of choices. Make sure to research the available options and choose the right one that aids you to stay productive.

Pick a Solution That Gives a Free Trial

Today, the market is filled with suppliers who do not offer a free trial and only provide multi-year or annual contracts. It is like buying a vehicle without actually driving it.

You must choose an applicant tracking system that will offer you a free trial so you can get a real sense of its speed, information architecture, and user experience. The only way you can judge a solution for its workflow is by actually working with it.

Selecting a solution to handle all your workflows is more crucial than you actually think. Hence, it is significant to understand your challenges and pick an ATS tool which will aid you to resolve those challenges. After all, you need a system which is well-designed to get you the things that you require in the right place.

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