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Reasons How HR Software can Drive ROI in SMEs

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Every organization wants to recruit the best people, and a great team can lead SMEs to heights while a mediocre one cannot help achieve the results. Recruiting a great team can prove challenging, and every recruiter might have recruited the wrong person at least a few times. The ideal way to hire the right people is by using the recruitment software. The following are a few ways SMEs are benefited by using HR software:

Streamlining Recruitment Process

HR professionals know their job is challenging, and employees are considered as the most valuable asset. HR software allows you to recruit a pool of candidates by launching recruitment campaigns that can reach many qualified professionals. You can also monitor and track new job applications, create payroll, perform background checks, and, most importantly allow job applicants to apply online.


Recruiting the right people can be tedious. HR software enables SMEs to monitor the employee workflow, which would help meet the expectations of management. HR software allows management to review and appraise employees. SMEs benefit from HR software as it can address employee concerns and creates space where employees can coordinate and collaborate.

Track Referrals 

Referral recruitment is one of the most effective ways to recruit candidates. SMEs that use HR software to track referrals can help management to decide whether to hire the referred candidate or not. When successful recruitments were made using the software, your business goals can be achieved faster.

Manage Key Responsibilities

Organizations can track the productivity of employees using the HR software. AI-enabled HR software can make suggestions that can create better schedules making teams productive. HR software improves productivity by enabling you to analyze employees who require further training.

Employee Experience

Today employees are expecting diverse workspace where every opinion is valued, and every voice is respected. Millennials see the workplace differently; they expect flexible work hours, a culture of transparency, and an employee-centric workplace. Employees seek employers to align with their values and business objectives. HR managers should now focus on building a strong employee brand and culture to retain the best talent.


Analytics matter more than ever before, as HR professionals become data-driven. Cross-platforms make dataflow difficult as the process of importing and exporting may miss the data across solutions. To develop a data-driven strategy, your company and people need a centralized system where data can seamlessly flow between the systems. 

Cloud-based HR software gives HR teams the visibility they need into demographics, metrics, and payroll data through real-time reports and dashboards. When the solution integrates with other solutions, the data can be easily pulled across multiple systems without any errors giving you deeper insights into your business. SutiHR has integrated with SutiDanalytics to provide a clear insight into real-time reports. 

Time-off Management

Time-off management is easy with SutiHR time management software. Employees can use HR software to request time-off, and the manager can approve the request. Your time management software records the time-off, displays the organization’s calendar, and updates payroll accordingly. You can view your team’s time-off and plan your work accordingly. 

Offering competitive benefits and packages, fostering an open culture, and analyzing people’s data helps businesses make strategic decisions and leaves a positive impact on employees. 


The HR department needs to manage employees, leaves, and dozens of people. HR software enables employees to enter the data related to leaves, eliminating the need to track the same using documents. By entering the data automatically, HR software instills in them the higher loyalty and appreciation for the company.

SMEs need to use every tool to stay ahead of the competition. By allowing SMEs to recruit the best talent, HR software plays a crucial role in transforming SMEs into big enterprises. 

Here is the complete beginner’s guide to setting up HR Software in the cloud for all businesses.

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