Employee Self Service – The Most Inclusive & Time-Effective Way to Manage Human Resources

One of the biggest grievances that the Human Resource Management function of any organization often hears is that employees have is that they are not being heard or that they have no say even in processes that directly involve them. Another commonly heard complaint is that it takes too much time and involves a lot of effort for an employee to have an interaction with someone from the HR team or to raise an issue.

An easy solution to this is to empower the employees to take part in the HRM process. Human resource management software comes with the feature of Employee Self Service, which enables employees to view and manage their profiles from one interface. Using this feature, employees can…

View and manage their personal profiles

Apply/cancel/monitor leaves

Monitor benefits, trainings, approvals, etc…

Manage their time and attendance

View and act on assigned projects, warnings, escalations, etc…

Manage their self-appraisals

Chat/IM with their colleagues

Raise personnel, job location, and time off requests

Raise complaints/grievances/issues

Manage individual and team goals

…and much more.

By encouraging employees to be an active part of the HRM process, employees can save time and effort as most of the HR manager’s efforts are now directed towards administration. Also, there is little use for paperwork as most of the process is online.

Another major advantage of the employee self service feature is that it increases transparency and visibility into the HRM process. Employees will, at all times, have access to their profiles and their salary slips, benefits, time logs, appraisal history, etc…

Employee self service leads to a decrease in the HR’s workload, faster feedback cycles, increased transparency and visibility, and highly satisfied employees! Get HR management software with employee self service feature, today!

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