Benefits That Make Your Organization an Employee Favorite – Part Two

In the previous edition of this post, we spoke about employee benefits and some popular…

In the previous edition of this post, we spoke about employee benefits and some popular benefits that can serve to make your organization an employee favorite. In this post, we look at some more benefits that you can offer.

Insurance: This is perhaps the most sought after and most important benefit of them all. It might not have the same ring to it as, say, foosball tables or fancy goodies, but life and health insurance plans are definitely major benefits that you can offer.

Transportation: This is a benefit that is once again beneficial to both the employer and the employee. From the perspective of the employer, they can ensure not only the safety and security of their employees but also that the employees come and leave on time. For the employees, they don’t have to worry about gas prices or finding parking spots anymore.

Travel: This is something that most organizations do which acts as a reward for loyalty. Employers can offer all expenses paid travel plans to their employees periodically, say, once every three to four years.

Flexible work timings: Punctuality is always a problem, right? Coming to office late is something that even the best of employees can’t avoid sometimes. How do we get rid of this? One way is to get rid of the traditional 9-6 shift timings. Instead of asking employees to come to office by a fixed time, offer them the chance to set their own work timings.

If an employee can finish work on time and meet all expectations, should it really matter that he/she is not in office at a certain time or for several hours? By extending this benefit to the employees, employers can show that their trust which employees will be obligated to reciprocate.

Add to this sundry benefits like dress codes, tuition fee reimbursements, and country club/spa memberships, and you have a benefit plan that will help you increase retention and decrease attrition.

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