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Empower your Employees with HR Self-service Portals

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Share the postThe human resource department acts as a powerhouse for the organization’s growth, as…

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The human resource department acts as a powerhouse for the organization’s growth, as they are the ones who streamline business operations and assists the employees to concentrate on business objectives for increasing productivity.

Employees are the fuel to accelerate the business growth, so your HR professionals should be able to manage employees efficiently. Here, online HR software is providing self-service functionality which plays a crucial role in engaging and developing employees.

The self-service portal gives you flexibility while managing the employee database, here you can create employees’ individual profiles according to the company policy and store the documents related to them such as, employee details, job, compensation, time off, time log, appraisals, and so on.

The software helps the administration in the employee on-boarding process, which includes past organization verification, document verification and current company contract signing. It also keeps track of benefits policy allocated to employee from the organization like special allowances, insurance, meal allowance, and others.

Employees can view their attendance, time off record and balance their working hours according to the rules of the company. The employee can also directly apply for time off from their self service dashboard and automated notifications will be received about their time off approval or rejection. This process builds good communication channel between employees and managers and most importantly saves your potential time.

HR professionals can access the manager’s self-service dashboard and view employee performance reviews for identifying the knowledge, skills, and weakness of the individual employees. Based on this information HR is responsible for organizing required training sessions for nurturing the employee’s talent.

The software also manages the employee off-boarding process in a formal way, which includes arranging knowledge transfer to the respective successor, recovers company assets, reset the system access, and generate the final payroll.

Online HR software helps organizations manage their employees’ tasks and information efficiently. Here, the managers and employees have the flexibility to store and view the information.

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