Streamline Recruitment Process with An Applicant Tracking Solution

In any organization, recruitment plays the very important role of filling job vacancies with effective…

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In any organization, recruitment plays the very important role of filling job vacancies with effective candidates. It is largely the task of the HR team to filter the bunch of resumes and shortlist the the right candidates. This job gets difficult when there are plenty of resumes, so to make this job much easier, we have the Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS) which is widely used in the recruitment process.

One of the useful features of the ATS is to fetch specific application/resumes based on multiple search inputs like Job Title, Education, Experience and department, etc. You can also track the status of the candidate from the first meeting until the placement gets finalized; this process saves lot of time which in turn makes the selection process faster.

Once the list of promising candidates has been shortlisted by the software, it can also record the responses of the candidates, which will help the recruiter decide which candidate can be selected. It is also transparent so that the candidate can track his/her status, and after the interview process gets complete, the software also takes care of sending emails to selected candidates.

With the help of stored information in the database, you can call the applicants when there are openings in the organization with the desired skills. This whole process lifts the burden off the HR professionals, making it easy for them to concentrate on other serious issues.

From small businesses to large organizations, the applicant tracking solution has become an important functional software solution. Before buying this software, one has the option to try it for a period. It is also good to load the software with real-time information and do few recruitment jobs in the trial period itself.

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