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Go on: Ask your employees if they are happy.

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Do you know if your employees are enjoying their work culture? In love with their jobs? Their morale is better than it was earlier? Are they satisfied with managerial decisions? All of these questionnaires are crucial for management to ensure a productive and healthy workplace.

Employee survey is a great approach to get answers. They gather feedback, provide clear insights into employee?s feelings and develop an attitude of inclusion towards organization.If you are a mid-size company or an enterprise, it is essential to know your employees feedback and promote collaborative environment throughout organization. Our online survey solution provides a great platform for HR managers to get feedback from your employees by conducting an online survey. It allows you to easily create and publish customer satisfaction survey and get employee feedback that leads to real improvements in your organization.

We always want our customers to have a great survey making experience. So here are few instructions to create survey online from the scratch.

  • Create interesting and thought-provoking questionnaire.
  • Title your survey and use built-in library to create various types of questions with logics.
  • Select a great theme that harmonizes the purpose.
  • Schedule survey to launch later or send now.
  • Publish survey to people at all levels or limit the number of participants wisely.
  • Track respondents and generate a detailed report.

The ultimate goal of conducting employee satisfaction survey is to know the areas of success and problems in a company; develop a plan of action to resolve them and celebrate success. As ?words without deeds is dead? at the end of day, all employees should remember actions just not the survey.

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