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Keeping Your Security Software Crook-Proof

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Are you getting annoyed with Google constantly asking for your mobile phone number as part of their heightened security system? Are you suspicious about what they really want to do with that phone number?

We can?t really cast judgment on Google?s multiple motivations. Everything they do has a core goal of deepening their understanding of you as an individual. But we do know that at least one of their motivations for tying your mobile phone to your Google profile is truly founded on the idea of protecting your account from being hacked, and giving them quick access to you when their system spots suspicious behavior.

Staying Ahead of the Crooks

SutiSoft started life as a security software company, so we understand the challenges that bedevil any organization like Google that needs to protect personal data (every organization on earth has this mandate, in fact!) We constantly add new features to our own suite of security software (biometric fingerprinting and biorhythm are just two examples) to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

As with any software installation, customization and scalability are key success factors. Building protection for your intellectual property and personal data can start small and build, especially if employee adoption is a challenge you identify as important. Plus, clear communication to your customer base about your efforts to protect their data is a must.

Trust, but Verify

In short, while you as a consumer may hesitate to have your various contact points tied together in one account with a merchant, mobile phone numbers tied to e-mail addresses are increasingly vital to verifying a consumer’s identity to protect against fraud, and giving the merchant a quick method to contact you if suspicious activity occurs. If you trust the source of the request, and they are clear in their intentions, consider complying with their request.

Have these increasing requests for your mobile phone and e-mail address for ?security purposes? made you hesitate? What further reassurance could we provide to make you more informed and ready to participate?

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