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How Online eSignatures Boosts New Customer Onboarding

How Online eSignatures Boosts New Customer Onboarding
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Do you want to retain new clients? A good onboarding method plays a critical role in any organization. From the beginning to the end, it provides businesses the chance to allow clients to have the confidence in the vendor’s ability to aid them through to meet their objectives. It potentially improves productivity and helps to maintain loyalty and word of mouth encouragement from clients.

Embrace electronic signature technology as it will help you boost document management, streamline workflows, onboard new clients, saving you money and productive hours.

Understanding Customer Onboarding

Client onboarding refers to the tasks that are carried out while obtaining new clients and plays a pivotal role in succeeding communications throughout the complete customer lifecycle. Plus, it covers the procedures of daily customer feedback and the expansion of the existing relationships with the new investment products/services. Hence, the onboarding method focuses on the entire lifecycle of a client.

An onboarding method including an electronic signature solution can give the client journey that ‘white glove’ feel, laying the the basis for flourishing a strong partnership.

Here we present the key advantages of leveraging a robust eSignature software:

  1. Ease of Communication

Communication with clients becomes quick and easy with eSign documents. You can simply upload forms to request comments, gather details, and centralize everything in a database. There are several uses:

  • Consent documents can be electronically sent to customers and securely signed online.
  • Automated and streamlined contract monitoring and notifications mean there is no more waiting or following up with people.
  • Help to boost potency and saves time on slow methods.
  • This guarantees the safety of the contracts and details.
  • Send a package of agreements to a group of people, sit back and watch the contracts get signed electronically and sent back to you.

But, even when you have an extraordinary onboarding procedure, that does not mean you should stop looking for areas of improvement. Hence, it is best to ask your clients for feedback based on their experience through electronic signing that will boost the customer experience and aid to enhance the retention rate, and attract additional clients via referrals.

  1. High-security Protocols

Every signature with a cloud-based electronic signature solution is a tamper-evident seal, which makes it verifiable and authentic. Also, it signifies that if a contract is changed after signing, you are immediately notified. You can monitor every activity log and timestamp effortlessly of a contract with a solution. In order to validate the identity of a signature, every signatory can have a password or PIN.

An online eSignature system encrypts each signature and paper with high cyber-security actions. It’s daunting for fraudsters and hackers to make changes or steal any information without your knowledge.

  1. Saves Productive Hours and Resources

Every business is looking for ways to change rapidly. Many free eSignature solutions enable commercial places to store all the critical data on secure computer drives or in the cloud, minimizing the space used to store papers, many of which are used rarely. Moreover, it keeps the data organized in a dashboard, thus making it convenient for you. Signing and executing agreements becomes faster as contracts are sent digitally, saving you processing and shipping time.

Some prefer to provide customers daily updates through SMS or email throughout the project/service. But with advanced technology, they can save time for customers and businesses as they can share contracts easily. Also, with the solution you can understand who your clients are and what they expect before the integration program to their expectations and requirements.

Why is eSignature Essential for Your Business

As technology has shaped society, our signatures have also changed. Electronic signatures have multiple benefits over wet ink signatures. They are quick, environmental-friendly, and traceable. Also, they have several uses in everyday business and life. The market for electronic signatures is evolving- thanks to global commerce and security concerns.

The world supplies above 450 million tons of paper every year. You can end this waste caused by printing contracts to be signed. Adopting new technology will impress employees while boosting the business. Eventually, you must focus on client convenience. Customers want more choices and control via online services.

The new technology provides several rewards and opportunities to get people excited about the company. Hence, don’t leave eSignatures out of your business functions. The solution not only makes the operations cheaper and quicker but also it makes the work easier.

The Bottom Line

With the fast transforming client needs and a difficult digital market, fiduciaries cannot afford, symbolically and factually depend on expensive and sluggish processes that irritate consumers. Effectiveness and smooth experience are critical in all financial services functions.

But when a customer has agreed to enter into terms with an advisor, the company must act swiftly and leverage the best practices to economically protect formal documents. Also, start giving the worth and facility that will create robust and shared relationships achievement for generations.

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