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How many different personal devices are your employees now using to conduct company business? Are they demanding a wide range of access points to company data? Giving access and protecting data conflict as IT mandates, but SaaS-based software offers some advantages that help meet both needs.

As we have written before, close to half of the workforce already has a smartphone, and they love their new phones and want to use them!

This is where BYOD offers some major benefits.

  • Employees self-train themselves on the devices they use, saving IT time and expense.
  • Using web portals to give employees access to needed company business processes and data gives employees the mission-critical data or processes they need day-to-day but keeps data stored centrally. Nothing gets loaded onto personal devices.
  • Offers 24/7 productivity worldwide, wherever the web portals can be accessed.

Convert business processes such as expense report software or e-signature software to a secure, cloud-based system enable employee productivity.

Have you leveraged the power of cloud-based business processes to accommodate the benefits of the BYOD trend? Have you experimented with multiple levels of access to give employees productivity tools, yet keep data safe?

At SutiSoft, we keep innovating to drive this move to secure, cloud-based business processes. BYOD is here to stay, and your software solutions need to capitalize on this fact, not struggle to keep up!

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