HR Technology Trends

Latest HR Tech Trends You Need To Watch

In this competitive world, we depend on technology in every aspect of our personal and professional lives. The advancing technology has a huge impact on the world of HR and recruitment too. Human resource management software may once have been stagnant, but it has undergone a lot of change in recent times.

Advanced HR tools are minimizing the time, effort, and cost involved in managing the workforce, as well as hiring new talent. Though, it is important for organizations to know about new trends in this sector so they can capitalize on the benefits of evolving technology for more efficient daily tasks. Here, we list a few HR technology trends and changes that businesses should keep watching.

Process Automation

With AI and big data becoming the part of HR management, it’s essential to automate every part of this process. Frequent tasks that would generally be a drain on time, resources, and ROI are now managed by ATS solutions. The latest recruitment systems do everything from posting a job on multiple job portals and collecting resumes, to parsing applicant profiles, scheduling interviews and more. As the technology evolves, we expect to see more tools that save time and effort for HR managers and employees.

HR Analytics

Traditionally, workforce strategies used to be planned around non-quantitative factors, but businesses are relying on real-time data today. Whether it is the talent acquisition, performance evaluation, feedback, succession planning, training and development, data analytics has become the key. Today, predictive data analytics are replacing traditional methods of gaining insight about an applicant. Robust data analysis tools provide better results than instinct alone can do.

Objectives and KPIs

Traditional performance reviews are no longer effective, with objectives and KPIs are taking their place. This performance evaluation method mainly targets the millennial employees, with managers setting personal objectives and KPIs based on business goals. This process boosts goal setting by communicating business-wide objectives with the employees and aligning them with what each employee achieves. It promotes transparency, equality, and real-time performance management.

Cloud-based Software

One of the major changes in technology today is in the form of cloud-based software. A web-based system enables users to access the HR data from anywhere, at anytime. An online solution with mobile apps allows HR recruiters to manage the hiring process via their smartphone or tablet on the go. A mobile-friendly hiring system enhances the candidate experience as well as HR efficiency. A cloud-based system also minimizes the cost of IT infrastructure and the support team.

Social Media Recruiting

The social media helps HR recruiters contact a large talent pool. Hiring via social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms promotes employee referrals and develops a strong online presence.

Exploring the advancements in HR technology can help businesses gain a competitive edge. To be successful, you need to be aware of them and grow with the time.

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