Cloud-based leave management system

Reasons Why Businesses Should Go For Leave Management System

Leave management has never been easy for business today. Leave management seems to be complex as one has to deal with policies & rules, workflows, laws and other regulations. This becomes more complicated when managing employee records, processing leave information and ensuring compliance with leave policies. No matter whether you are a small business or large enterprise, leave management is complex with big impact on day-to-day operations. Cloud-based leave management system can help you dramatically simplify and streamline the entire operations.

The following are six features you should look for in leave management system:

Customizable Leave Policies

When it comes to leave policies, every organization’s requirements are different. Even in small companies, leave policies and holiday calendars may differ based on your office location. Leave management system allows employer to configure all leave rules including accruals, leave balances, encashment policies and so on. And, all these comply with the state and central regulations.

Track Unscheduled Absences

Unscheduled absenteeism can have a major impact on productivity. Tracking employee absences all the time can be tedious. The most effective way of managing this is to identify the absences early and have a planned schedule in place. The leave management system that can seamlessly integrate with attendance management system can help track the time-off. Timely notifications can be sent to managers to mitigate the cost of finding another employee to cover-up the absence.

Decreased Payroll Errors

Manually tracking the leaves to calculate the payouts can be daunting. Cloud-based leave management system that can integrate with payroll management system can help make calculations get done automatically on the systems. This increases the efficiency and reduces errors on payroll.

Mobile Compatibility

What if you could approve, reject or manage leaves from your mobile phone? Wouldn’t this make your life much simpler? Mobile app is what all employees and employers need to manage their leave data on the fly. Be it location-based attendance, work hours, reimbursements or leave approval or rejection, a mobile app can help you manage all these on the fly-anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive Dashboards and Reports

With all the captured data, the leave management system can generate analytical reports in the form of graphs or charts-eliminating manual efforts. This is important for your HR department as they have to spend considerable amount of time creating and analyzing all the reports.


Having a self-service portal means your employees don’t have to go to their managers or HR regarding any leave related queries. Self-service portal makes leave management hassle-free for both employees and managers.

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