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Social Media Recruiting: A Few Recommendations!

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The recruitment process in the modern world is increasingly affected by the use of social media, from applicants searching job vacancies to HR managers seeking information to inform their screening processes.

Using social media can be helpful, but it should not replace personal contact, interviews and other established recruitment practices that HR professionals use to hire candidates.

Here, we present a few recommendations that help apply social media to HR recruitment.

Social media recruiting is quite popular today, but not all forms of social media are likely to serve equally as an effective recruitment method. Some applicants do not have faith in personal social networks in looking for their next move.

Organizations should have a clear understanding of what different social networks can really help for the business and use them accordingly.

Businesses must ensure they follow the paths taken by candidates they would most like to recruit. With so many applicants unlikely to take much notice of job vacancies posted through personal social networks, it is better to target a group of candidates who are interested in social media recruitment.

Companies should remember that a well-managed professional social media profile is just one route to securing the best candidates.

Using social media to search for a prospective employer is now commonplace for many candidates.

As the information being sought usually relates to company culture and operations, applicants are most likely to turn to professional social networks for this research.

Organizations must ensure that all information displayed on their social media profiles is presented in a format that is informative, concise and easy to follow.

Social media profiles sometimes provide only one side of an applicant’s life and do not often reveal much of relevance to their professional abilities.

The best way to resolve such concerns is usually through established recruitment processes, such as interviews and assessment exercises. This also avoids any scenario in which an applicant feels the information is unfairly applied during the recruitment process.

Businesses should make intelligent use of any information obtained from social media sites in making a decision on a candidate’s suitability as an employee.

An excessive use of social media in HR recruiting could lead to the overall detriment of the business. However, a sophisticated recruitment software solution with robust features can help businesses achieve recruitment goals through social networks.

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