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The Power of Dashboards in HR Software

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HR Software Dashboard

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Dashboards are the face of any HR software, which essentially is a visual representation of the key metrics of the company. You can pull in every information and then sort, analyze, and use it for making decisions within the organization.

Dashboards allow managers to view information in various formats, quickly figure out problems, and help you to determine the root cause behind the problem areas.

Also, the dashboard can be used to monitor employee productivity, display metrics such as time-off, performance, attendance, cost, and much more. HR software, with the intuitive dashboard, helps in decision making for various aspects.


Analytics derived from HR dashboard allows for making better recruitment decisions. The dashboard gives you current Vs. desired skill levels in various areas so that you can hire the right personnel. This data can be used to make right hiring decisions through HR dashboard.

Employee Productivity

The dashboard gives you metrics such as revenue per employee and ‘salary increases Vs. revenue increase’ which helps you to gauge employee productivity. These metrics help in decision-making as it gives the information about departments in which resources are best utilized.


Metrics such as the benefits cost Vs. revenue, salary deviation vs. job level, and average salary help make better cost-related decisions. With HR management software, you need not work with excel sheets.

Employee Retention

The dashboard gives you data around termination rates, average retention period and allows for better resource planning. Employee exits can be classified in HR software as per the reasons so as to provide greater insights around the exits.

Employee Satisfaction

Data captured around employee satisfaction is presented in a meaningful way on the HR dashboard. Employee job satisfaction rate, training and development effectiveness can be measured and tracked, which allows for decision-making based on employee perspective.

Ultimately, all these metrics add much value to human resource management. So, you have to evaluate multiple HR software applications before you go with any software. Choosing an HR solution with powerful dashboard will help you in making better decisions with great insights.

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