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Nothing Like a Great Audit Trail: eSignature Saves the Day.

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“He claims he didn’t sign that document!”

So said the stressed-out manager to his legal counsel.

“Did we get ink or electronic signature?” responded Counsel.

“Electronic,” responded the manager, with a hopeful note in his voice.

“Then let’s open up the document vault and see what the electronic audit shows us.”

Ink can be less defensible than electronic signatures if a sound system of authentication and behavior capture is set up ahead of time.

“This document is time and date-stamped for when this guy opened it and signed it,” noted Counsel. “And we have a record of which e-mail addresses were used to distribute it, when that e-mail was opened and whether the link to the document was clicked. I also see that electronic copies of the signed version were sent to all the same e-mails.”

“So, I should relax?” said the manager.

“About defending our position, yes,” said Counsel. “I can’t help with the task of making him happier.”

“We will make it right,” said the visibly happier manager. “As long as we kept our paper trail clean, we can start working on the source of his dissatisfaction and move the relationship forward.”

E-signature software has many efficiency benefits for every organization that uses it. One of the most critical is the audit trail that administrators can set up within it.

Do not neglect to keep that aspect of your service up to date for each document that relies on digital signature capture!

How useful have the audit trail aspects of eSignature software been for you? What situations have proved such audits useful?

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