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eSignature and Legal Compliance

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eSignature applications are growing in popularity. Businesses that depend on capturing signatures have realized that the traditional paper-based methods of signature capturing not only lack audit trails and are costly but also cause time delays and increase employee resource demands.

Further evidence of the growing desires to understand and implement electronic signature solutions can also be found in the fact that there is a new(ish) trade association that runs an annual event, to which interested organizations can send representatives.

Compliance officers interested in confirming the validity of digital signatures can do their own homework, of course, without booking a ticket to New York. Here are a few links to get you started:


ESIGN stands for Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce. This federal law, passed in 2000, facilitates the use of electronic signatures in both interstate and foreign commerce. While each US State has its own laws and regulations surrounding electronic signatures, it is the Federal ESIGN Law that lays out the guidelines.

The main intent of the ESIGN law surrounds the statement that signatures??may not be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form.” This statement opened the door for electronic signatures to be used in the normal course of business and allowed business to take advantage of the many benefits of e signature solutions.


The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act was created to further the legality of electronic signatures and has been adopted as governing law for 47 US States and territories.

EU Directives

The EU Directives are European Laws and Directives which set the framework of legality for documents signed electronically. The EU Directives is not specific towards electronic signatures alone but covers many frameworks to which the members of the European Union have agreed.

And of course, we consider?SutiSign’s administrative tools a great method for setting up a compliance regime for electronic signatures that keeps you on the right side of the growing book of regulations. Here is the official blurb on the topic:

“Designed as a fully compliant, SaaS?based eSignature solution that could meet the dynamic needs of both US and Canadian based businesses, SutiSign offers a full set of features for both senders and signers of electronic documents. The SutiSign solution provides the ever-increasingly important security and archival features that businesses of all sizes demand.”

And since SutiSign is accessible from either a desktop or mobile device, productivity doesn’t suffer when distributing documents for signatures.

No solution fits every business. We get to understand your business needs before detailing how our solutions can be customized to fit your unique needs. Give us a call with any questions you may have.

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