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On the Road: E-Signature Software Unchains Me from My Desk

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I hate office time. Visiting the office from time-to-time is important, as it affords me some quality time with the co-workers who support me in my efforts to land new business. Given the choice, however, I’d be out with customers at their places 99% of the time.?

Technology improvements over the last few years have made my 99% goal far easier to achieve.?Online business processing software?gives me access to our company’s business process software while I am on the go, through my phone, tablet or laptop.

Things that used to Keep me in the office:

  1. Meetings?I enjoy attending meetings when they are filled with pertinent information and focused like a laser on decision-making! But, I do appreciate how much of a time sink they can be, and I really appreciate our new ability to attend meetings via online conferencing. The moment I am done with the conference, I can be steps from a client call!
  2. Doing Paperwork In order for a deal to be closed, paperwork must be completed and contracts signed. Since installing online e-signature software ?(full disclosure: It is?SutiSign), I now create and process a contract, along with any associated forms, from anywhere. All I need is internet access. And a lot of the follow-up is automated, too
  3. Travel Expense Reports?Paper-based system of expense reporting make us tape our travel expense receipts to paper, scan the the sheets and attach them to an e-mail along with our spreadsheet file of the expense report. It can take an hour or more to complete the report. Since implementing SutiExpense, I can create and?complete a report from my mobile phone?in my customer’s parking lot, on a train or sitting at home while watching “Foyle’s War” reruns (a real favorite of mine.)

The greatest lesson my boss gave me my first week on the job was short and to the point: Showing me the door, he said “your sales are out THERE!”

A sales professional makes more money if he or she is out with clients, attending networking events or otherwise raising their profile in their marketplace. And thanks to technology, I get to be “out there” much more often than in the past.

What about you? Have SaaS-based online software’s like SutiSign made the handling of your important documents faster and more accurate? What kind of software has made your life easier?

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