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From the Corner Office: Contracts Flow Faster with e-Signature

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Depending on the size of your business, you may not be able to review and approve personally every agreement into which your business enters. Having a contract review team helps but you have to structure the team’s procedures in a way that does not introduce fresh bureaucratic delays that may negatively affect new or current customer relationships (and internal relationships!)

Structured and Intelligent Approval Flows

Using an eSignature solution that can support  “rules-based” and flexible approval flows helps in several key ways:

  1. Leadership can establish “approval limits” for specific employees under which they can approve contracts without additional involvement of higher-level staff.
  2. Flows can be structured that require multiple approvers to sign off on agreements that meet or exceed specific criteria.
  3. Approval flows can be structured as serial or parallel to either speed up the approval process (parallel) or provide additional levels of assurances that agreements or contracts have multiple sets of reviewing eyes (could be parallel or serial as appropriate.)
  4. Automatic reminders can be sent to approvers who are causing a delay in the approval process. These reminders help to increase customer satisfaction as well as prevent your business from missing out on time-sensitive deals.
  5. Using their e-signature dashboards, everyone involved knows where the document stands, and who has “the baton” in keeping the process moving forward.

With electronic, cloud-based signature softwares, communication is faster, the process is more transparent, and everyone has a more pleasant experience with the bureaucratic necessity of having legal documents properly signed and archived.

Has your business implemented an electronic signature solution like SutiSign? How has it improved the life of your employees?

At SutiSign, we are trying to improve employee quality of life, one document at a time!