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On the Road with e-Signature: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!

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Okay, I will admit that I still play Angry Birds on my smartphone (although I don’t plan to take in the movie) but my smartphone plays an important part in how I run my business life, and that includes taking those personal breaks that re-energize me.*

Once energized, I check my email, communicate with clients and co-workers, manage expense reports, and keep my boss up-to-date on exactly how I plan to hit my quarterly quota; all through my iPhone. What’s even more energizing than playing Angry Birds? Closing deals!

Need to Review the Contract? No Problem

In your business, you probably work with a lot of different types of companies and sell some complex solutions. The more complex the product or service, the greater role the contract plays in the sale.

  • Having a contract that reaches 15 pages is possible and requiring multiple signatures is more typical than unique. Keeping that important file in one secure place, especially once signatures are affixed, is a tremendous advantage.
  • Having the ability to forward e-mail links to the contracts directly from my iPhone to my customers is a tremendous value and huge time saver.?
  • The ability to add multiple attachments to the document file to support the signature request is also a huge productivity booster.?

An unanticipated, but quite useful side benefit to implementing an e-signature software solution has been access to our company?s cloud-based library of stock contracts and addendums.?Since some of my customers want to review the contract prior to making a decision, I can select and email links to samples that my clients and prospects can access and review. All from the road!

And when the customer is ready to sign, all that is needed is to enter the unique information of the electronically saved contract and email the contract links to the customer for electronic signature capture.

With SutiSign and my trust pig-destroying, bird-avenging smartphone by my side, there isn’t a place where I can’t get a signed contract.

What about you? Do you find electronic signature software a real boon to your efficiency when out of the office? How does your organization leverage such tools?

*After all, those pigs deserve to be punished and I am just the guy to deliver what they have coming.

Image credit: Multiple sources, including news.softpedia.com (and my own iPhone!)

Title credit: “Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign” is a lyric from “Signs” by Five Man Electrical Band, recorded in 1971.

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