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Recognizing Disengaged Employees at the Workplace

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The relationship between the organization and its employees is sacrosanct and must at all time be mutually beneficial and developed along with time. Engaged employees are not just assets to the organization by way of their productivity but they also make a difference at the workplace by rubbing off their enthusiasm on their colleagues. On the contrary, disengaged employees don’t just slack off but they also have an adverse effect on their fellow employees. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all your employees are adequately engaged. You also have to keep an eye on the disengaged ones so that you can take steps to engage them effective:

Lack of Proactivity and Initiative

Engaged employees need not be told even once – they take the initiative and do their tasks proactively. On the other hand, disengaged employees lack initiative and are not proactive. They are laid back and will only work when someone tells them to.

Complaining and Blaming

Look for the employee who constantly complains about everything and blames others in the team in case of any delays or errors in project execution, and you have your disengaged employees. Engaged ones don’t complain and take responsibility for others’ shortcomings on themselves.

No Interest in Learning

Learning new things on the job should excite every employee. After all, they are being paid to learn new skills and improve themselves over time. However, there are some who think that they know it all and there is no need to learn anything new. Worse, they think that they are a cut above the rest and therefore have no need to learn anything with the mortals.

Punctuality and Responsibility

Yes, we understand that even the best and most engaged of employees is late on occasion, but if this is becoming a habit, then you have to understand that the employee does not value the organization and is disengaged. Also, disengaged employees shirk their responsibilities and even try to cover up their work through other ways. They will also not perform their administrative tasks on time and constantly give grief to HR professionals.

If you feel the same is happening with you, here’re a few tips that helps engage workforce and boost employee productivity  within  the organization.

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