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Social Networking and its Importance in Customer Relationship Management

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Customers are at the heart of any business, and social networking offers more opportunities for organizations to increase customer relationship. In order to realize substantial business benefits, organizations need to better plan, manage, and measure their social networking efforts. By integrating social networks with the CRM solution, organizations can gain the ability to better listen to customer conversations and engage social customers on their own terms.

Social networking provides you with new insights into your business brand, a new way to perform and track core marketing programs, and new methods to turn fragmented online conversations into actionable insights. This can be an additional marketing channel with unique characteristics that help other marketing efforts that eventually increase the effectiveness of all channels.

Social networks provide a rich prospecting resource to your sales department. It allows them to measure prospects’ interest through their online profile before any communication is initiated. With the ability to easily find and combine key online data points with the main customer data repository, sales teams can engage prospects and customers more effectively with the necessary information at their fingertips.

Today, more customers are using social networking sites to find, receive, and communicate information about the products they use. These sites enable your customer service teams to be more effective and create value for the business. Social networking acts like an interactive channel that not only helps eliminate perceived barriers between customers and companies but also reduce the cost of service. It allows you to track services issues in more places, thereby gathering more intelligence on your products and customer experiences with them.

Advanced tools that let organizations manage social networking initiatives alongside regular marketing, sales and customer service activities helps them to take the advantage of social networking without losing focus on the core business. SutiCRM allows you to better integrate this great channel into existing processes for a better and effective customer management approach.

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