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Solve Slurry of Issues With HR Reporting Analytics Dashboards

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Share the postThe Human Resource Management Dashboard is primarily a visual display of HR standards….

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The Human Resource Management Dashboard is primarily a visual display of HR standards. The master control HR Dashboards are intelligently designed to meet different purposes. They are the chief source of gathering, sorting, analyzing, packaging and delivering staff information for the use of management and organizations.

This is a smart option to keep the ball of employee communication rolling. As it is mandatory for the workforce to know what is critically good or bad for their company, the HR department must be able to summarize those yardsticks while keeping the workforce and the decision-makers acknowledge the empirical matters.

Hosting a strong reporting system will turn the life of the corporates trouble-free as never before. The HR Reporting Analytics Dashboard can diminish the daily administration exercises such as the constant processing of heavy duty documents/folios for checking employees leave status, reimbursement, attendance, early/late arrivals, and much more. All these tasks can be unimaginably simplified with SutiSoft’s all-inclusive HR dashboards.

Here is an array of the HR dashboards that can comb through the burning challenges of your organization:

1. Dashboard Metrics for Workforce

Workforce HR dashboard is the reflection of the employee’s personal statistics pertaining to the subjects mentioned below.

Total Time Log: This slot highlights the average of the office in/office-out or (input working hours) of the employees on every business day along with other information.

Table of Attendance: This page gives a full-fledged representation of the number of days the employee has worked without taking any paid time off. For those who are late arrivals, the dashboard comes handy with a pictographic of data to show those who have not been late to the office for the past month.

Overtime Grid: This displays the employees’ midpoint overtime hours including the extra working days they have devoted in the current month.

The Leave Ledger: This ledger is actually based on an individual’s annual leave cycle and illustrates the unpaid/unscheduled leaves the employees have availed.

2. Dashboard Metrics for Stage Runners/Managers

This section of the HR Reporting Analytics Dashboards gives you a life-like analogue of the number of subordinates reporting to you. The tool makes the line managers aware of the employee’s day-to-day attendance, early clock-ins, unscheduled leaves, duration of overtime, average working schedule, and other related data.

3. Dashboard Metrics for Admin

The Admin Dashboard crucially dispenses overall statistics including the percentage of scheduled/unscheduled leaves, attendance, late clock-ins, early clock-ins and also the cumulative turnover of the company.

4. FNF Pending & Clarence Sill

This simplified widget calculates the full and final settlement of the staff that had departed from the organization but still has yet to receive their final compensation or reimbursement.


Thus, the interactive HR Knowledge Epicenter can be sufficiently gathered with HR Reporting Analytics Dashboards to manage the major HR functions such as human capital diversity, compensation, L&D training, staff satisfaction, payroll, benefits and more. The HR dashboards are the visual-aided engines to provide top executives in the departments with first-hand information of essence. SutiSoft Inc. gives you the best suitable leads and drivers with which you can marshal over the real-life human resource complexities.

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