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Streamline eSignature Workflows in Your Business

Cloud-based electronic signature solutions
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Today, with businesses operating online, cloud-based electronic signature solutions are gaining popularity. eSignature is an easy-to-use alternative for signing physical contracts. The procedure is far better with adequate support. So, when you choose the right platform, you can easily streamline eSignature workflow and enable them to take all burden from your end.

To acquire optimal productivity in this business environment, generating a comprehensive process that uses electronic signatures is critical. This is the reason your company must look for automation tools and technologies that can manage documentation requirements in an effective way.

Rather than going through various steps every time you send and receive an agreement, you can complete it electronically in a few steps. When the electronic signature method seems easy, it must fit into the business procedures when you move from step to step. So as a result, it is useful to start a process so you can move within the workflow without making delays/errors.

Some reasons why organizations deploy electronic signature software are for saving time and money- resources that are priceless for any business. Hence, when you are going about the entire procedure inappropriately with difficult and ineffective workflows, you aren’t obtaining what you had set out to.

But the good news is optimizing the eSignature process to boost effectiveness is possible with the correct amount of proper research, expertise, and hard work.

Steps Included in Esign Workflow

When you are searching for ways to simplify workflow using eSignatures, first, you must review the existing steps in the present workflow.

a. Access

How do recipients access contracts for signing electronically? Can you get the document through email? Do you need to log in to the web/mobile application? eSignatures enable different ways for you to get access and send contracts that must be signed.

b. Authenticate

Can signers prove their identity before signing? Electronic signatures usually involve relevant details like time, date, and location of the signature, which can aid you in determining the identity. Plus, there is dual-factor authentication to establish the identity.

c. Presentation

Can the agreements be presented via a website or PDF? A website that can be visited using a smart device is the best option.

d. Signing

How the contract does get signed? Do you follow the click-to-sign method with an automatically generated signature? Or the signer can draw their signature with the help of their mouse/touchpad to add it to the agreement? All the options are easy to use and legal.

e. Delivery

How to get the completed contracts? Do you need to send the documents back manually? Or are they automatically sent via the website? Will you receive notifications? An automated eSign system reduces the work needed by the signer and sender.

f. Management

You can store the signed documents and handle or retrieve them whenever required.

eSignature Workflows in Your Business

Simplify Signature with eSignature Automation System

A robust electronic signature platform provides signing and closing workflows engineered for development. You can electronically sign, accept, as well as authenticate contracts. The solution will help you to accelerate the entire signing process in order to maximize efficiency.

An eSign tool offers draw, create, click-to-sign, and type options to meet all the possible signature scenarios. Such options feature various levels of encryption and are in complete compliance with the laws in the U.S. For additional security and protection of clients, the platform offers dual authentication via email/SMS. In the case of clickwrap signing, you can configure video authentication for the recipients.

An intuitive eSignature application makes it simple to integrate with existing tools in order to perform an entire overhaul of automated activities. An eSigning solution enables you to accept/reject contracts before signing to streamline the approval method and end the document cycle as fast as possible. Plus, you can include in-depth details through video messages with agreements to aid in moving the signing method along.

But this platform is so much more than just simply signing documents. You can compose documents, fill forms, and build templates-all done within a secure business cloud.

Signing Contracts for Business

As a business leader, you are responsible for generating, uploading, and sending e-contracts. So, you need software that is user-friendly for your managers and staff. Hence, organizations must work with a platform that aids them to automate and optimize electronic signature processes while they are sending bulk documents for signing.

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