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How Online Electronic Signature Software is Useful to Different Industries

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Business is evolving more rapidly in the present market than ever before. Millions of dollars in funds get pushed towards the digitization of each industry-small or big. Internet and mobile service providers have impacted the technology market in such a manner that continuous evolution has become the new norm.

One such digital solution is eSignature software. It enables us to replace hard copy paper ink signatures with digital signatures on contract documents between business parties and also provides an additional security level by ensuring signatures can be tracked and verified.

Here we present how various industries can benefit from online eSignature software.

1.Financial Institutions/Banks

The financial institutions involve banking and other monetary transactions, which need an extra layer of protection. Lack of security in such a sector may result in the loss of money. Plus, it can lead to spot theft and subsequent access to funds by unauthorized parties. If stakeholders in this sector are not careful, then breaches would impact the country’s overall economy. A robust electronic signature solution would aid in assuring clients and bankers that contracts are legitimate. Also, it would protect personal data in the form of PIN numbers, account numbers, and passwords.

2.E-commerce Industry

E-commerce is a widely known industry, which continues to evolve every day. There is no need for a contract to be signed. But, B2B transactions often include the signing of online documents. These contracts remain incomplete unless both parties sign them. As these enterprises are usually situated in different geographical locations, it becomes inconvenient for them to meet up and sign physical contracts. In a few cases, the organizations may not have a physical location. This is the reason it is easier for such deals to be finalized online by leveraging an eSign solution. The solution can be used to sign contracts before they are sent and also check all received documents for relevant signatures.

Recent survey revealed that regulatory paperwork expenses for the healthcare units reach nearly 80 dollars and 11.7 billion work hours. IRS forms add around 38 billion dollars and above 12 billion work hours. It is no surprise that medical sectors are on the way to a paperless workplace.

The solution can also be used to protect customer data while being sent from one department to another. This will boost trust from all stakeholders and cushions the organization from all possible legal actions, thus resulting from a data breach.

3.Healthcare and Insurance Services

When you have interacted with healthcare services, you may have noticed unnecessary administrative work. Such tasks come at a high cost. Studies stated that healthcare suppliers in the U.S. spend around 500 billion dollars on billing and insurance-related costs. The objective is to reach a paperwork cost of 75 billion dollars annually. Hospital costs are above 75 billion dollars, whereas nursing homes, drugs, and medical supply organizations can spend more than 95 billion dollars.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services operates the CERT program in order to help online eSignatures comply with medical needs. Also, an eSignature solution goes out of its way for HIPAA compliance. Security measures and safeguards integrated into the electronic signature system makes the process safer than ever.

4.Education Industry

Schools that employ eSignatures can work faster, go green, and minimize expenses. Paperwork, resources, and time get saved for schools as well as students. Student services can develop and function more effectively. The student life cycle, campus activities, finances, human capital, grants, and much more can notice enhancement by removing unnecessary hard copy paperwork. Also, the U.S. Department of Education have a standard in place for electronic signatures in education sectors.


Many advertising organizations sign their agreements physically for an extended period, for instance, six years. With enhanced digitization of services, this advertising sector is beginning to include small businesses like the ones who advertise on social media. It would be cumbersome to sign these contracts physically as most of them only last for shorter periods. eSignatures would be the best option and provide assurance that both the parties would keep their end of the bargain.

To Sum Up

Online eSignatures are a reliable and economical alternative to traditional contract signatures. The solution works perfectly for any sector in which signatures are needed, and there are a lot of contracts or documents to sign.

The software is easy to deploy, and critical business records can be easily filed for future retrieval. Hence, any industry or business wishing to succeed in this digital age has no other choice but to embrace electronic signature technology in its operations.

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