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Electronic Signature Solutions: Helping the Healthcare Industry

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Today, the healthcare industry is going through significant changes. New regulations, enormous unforeseen costs, complexities of the industry, and other external forces pressuring the industry players into boosting their workflow processes, enhancing company compliance, and boosting patient satisfaction rates. There is also a constant growing need to create a good healthcare infrastructure in order to boost patient care, minimize expenses, prevent loss or misplacement of records or equipment. While at the same time eliminating any possible errors.

In order to provide effective and high-quality care, healthcare professionals need to rely on complete and accurate medical records on every patient. They are constantly searching for new ways to become more efficient in their processes over time. Automating those traditional paper-intensive methods, complying with laws, and maintaining control as well as audit tracking have all become key business targets within the healthcare unit.

  1. Client Documentation

Every patient in a hospital has their own file in which their personal details and health history are all well-documented. Doctors constantly need to sign various documents whenever they complete check-ups on a patient. Thus, an electronic signature software becomes useful in order to sign those documents quickly; instead of pen signatures on hundreds of documents and forms a day. Patients can now also sign their documents from anywhere, anytime, and from any smart device. Without needing to remain present at the hospital to verify and confirm the receipt of forms, hence saving their valuable time and money and we all as the hospital staff’s.

2. Approving Medical Processes

Hospitals always need to collect the patient’s signature on their agreement for any medical procedure or receipt of any medication. This cooperation is crucial to prevent a patient from making a charge in court against the hospital authorities for performing a process that the patient refused to approve. Each patient is required to sign each agreement and form in order to finalize a legally enforceable document. Integrating eSignatures on these documents will signify you no longer need to print out or scan each document, and easily store them electronically for future reference.

3. At the Time of Paying Medical Bills

Patients can easily eSign all their medical bills as well, instead of signing manually which is a long process to complete. Manual signatures after time fade away and can make it difficult during audits to prove whether the agreement was approved or not. In these circumstances, a patient may need to pay a bill again, thus causing them to incur double expenses. In order to eliminate such occurrences, a robust eSignature solution can be used by every patient to sign not only medical bills, but anything needing verification it was shared with the patient for future reference.

4. Signing Medical Reports

Patients receive medical reports from doctors regarding their health status. These reports are critical for patients to review because their doctors make vital decisions based on them. Medical practitioners/doctors can leverage this type of electronic signature solution in order to sign patients’ medical reports. The decision a patient makes is their next plan of action. Receiving a full signature verifying that the decision is mutual for both parties is vital before any next steps are made. Signing those documents online will ensure all parties involved can access the material from any digital device with the right access into the database.

5. Issuance of Medical Receipts

eSignature software solutions for the healthcare industry have made it possible to issue receipts to clients. For revenue to be legally binding, it must bear signatures from every appropriate person. A signed receipt will stop a patient from making double payments in situations where the amount is in doubt. A person can easily use an eSign solution to sign medical receipts rather than using manual stamps, which at times become unclear and can fade. Those seals, which are transparent, can make it difficult for a patient to prove at a later time that the payment was actually completed.

6. Pharmaceutical Distribution and Purchases

An eSignature solution utilized by healthcare providers can be used to establish the quality of good being purchased during any distribution point. Tracking the movements of products may need an electronic signature at every interval. Which includes a live feature to monitor the progress of those pharmaceuticals as they are distributed throughout the country, without the worry of losing them. With a single click a patient will receive updates on what they need. Plus, administrators will also have updates on which orders have been signed, completed, and received.

7. Improves Patient Satisfaction

A cloud-based electronic signature solution speeds up the overall signing process by eliminating the need for manually collecting multiple signatures while also having multiple agreements available at the time of signing. eSignatures save time because each document no longer needs to be sent by mail to multiple locations in order to be approved. An electronic signature software initiates any necessary actions immediately by permitting access to anyone with authentic login credentials and share documents between a specific party involved in the agreement and quickly collect their signature.

An effective electronic signature software provides higher security and overall safety in the healthcare industry for every document sent, thus aiding healthcare professionals to meet all compliance and policy needs. Many electronic signatures are available with a timestamp feature, validating the exact date and time when a contract was signed and by who. They implement superior security protocols in order to allow the document to be sent, received, and later stored within your electronic contract file cabinet.

With an online eSignature solution, all data can be sent to the back-end system, allowing end-to-end electronic medical record processing and retrieval easier than ever. By using the solution, documents are now colleting electronic signatures while authenticating them via any smart device or computer. Allowing healthcare professionals to be on the move or visit patients at their homes. Plus, documents can be sent to the healthcare provider’s back-end system automatically for storage, which closes the loop and automates the complete process of collecting signatures and approvals.

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