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Streamlining Approvals using eSignature Software

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Today, organizations tend to modernize sales and customer relationships through digital collaboration, mobility, networking, and improved sales cycles. Technology has transformed many critical processes in various ways, and electronic signatures is another key transformation in today’s world.

Electronic signatures will help sales team to:

·        Close deals faster

·        Improve closure rates

·        Automate post-sales operations

·        Complete audit trail of signatures

·        Efficiently collaborate

·        Improve the user experience

·        Empower mobile users

·        Achieve greater productivity

Transition to electronic signatures in the sales process is simple if you choose the right eSignature software. When implemented electronic signatures, the results were dramatic:

·        94% of users reported that it is easy to identify the profitable buyer profiles, customers or accounts

·        Users of eSignatures achieved a 4.4% increase in win rates, and non-users reported zero improvement

·        eSignature users reported a 29% higher opportunity rate compared to non-users

·        Enterprises using eSignatures improved revenue rates by 2.3 times the rate of non-users.

While eSignatures seem to be a simple upgrade in signing, there is a considerable impact for the following reasons:

The eSignature solution can integrate with your CRM software to deliver a seamless experience for both sellers and buyers

The eSignature solution will give the organization a complete insight into the signing process with everything that happened throughout.

Selecting the right software

·        When choosing the right solution, make sure it can integrate with day-to-day applications such as HR software and CRM software. You can leverage the eSignature software across entire sales lifecycle from prospects to closing deals.

·        When it comes to empowering your sales team with eSignature software, SutiSign delivers cutting-edge security controls and offers standard-based signing and enterprise-level visibility and reliability.

·        When using SutiSign, you can point out the signature points wherever required on the document. Automatic notifications will be triggered to the users for signing on time. Also, you can see where the process is pending and can track status so you can expedite the process. Once the signing process is completed, the solution will trigger a notification to the sender.

·        SutiSign can seamlessly integrate with your favorite applications such as Google, Salesforce, Dropbox, ShareFile, and more for making it easy to pull in documents directly from these applications. It becomes even easy for you to manage all documents directly from your apps.

·        By embracing SutiSign, your organization will witness how it is going to transform the signing process. SutiSign provides a fast and secure way to modernize the signing process through automation by eliminating the costly, risky, and inefficient paper workflows.

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