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Benefits of E-Signature Software in Real Estate Industry

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Real estate business processes can be exhausting due to various complex legal restrictions and time-consuming paperwork. From the bids and contracts to the final agreement, wet ink signatures have been the bane of real estate industry for generations. While signing a daunting stack of documents such as purchase agreements, title assurance, general power of attorney, NOC, allotment letters, sale agreements, and more, there is a high probability for missing documents, sign mismatching or other issues which could lead to deal cancellation.

To avoid these issues, it is necessary for real estate agents to adopt e-signature software which allows signing documents or contracts digitally easier than ever. Here we’ve discussed a few benefits of an e-signature system in the real estate industry.

Streamlines the Process

In the real estate industry, even a minute delay could end up in the cancellation of a deal. With the wet ink signatures’ process, each document must be manually signed by all parties (involved in the agreements), which is time-consuming. However, electronic signature software allows you to securely sign the documents in digital form, making it easier for all parties to authenticate the document from anywhere instantly. Getting all documents signed in time means closing deals more quickly than ever before.

Safe & Secure

As real estate documents include sensitive and critical information, its safety is a primary concern for any individual. Unlike the fragile and unreliable paper documentation, which is more prone to fraud and other unauthorized access, online signature software applies top-notch encryption to ensure all the documents are protected against ill-intentioned third parties and theft. It enables you to fill out, sign, and store the documents safely to avoid any malpractice.  

Accuracy & Efficiency

Incomplete or misfiled real estate documents can lead to unavoidable legal issues, fines, or penalties. Electronic signature platforms highlight the mandatory fields within the agreements to ensure the documents are filled out completely and prevent the extra time spent on revising paperwork. Being a cloud-based software, you can reduce paper, ink, shipping, and other costs involved in managing wet-ink processes.  

Track Documents’ Status

Manually tracking the documents’ status and sending reminders to all parties involved in the agreement is challenging. Digital signature systems send automatic reminders to the clients, notifying them about the contract initiation and expiry dates. It also allows the authorized people to track the entire document authentication process.  

To Sum Up

Electronic signatures provide numerous benefits to real estate companies, helping them to enhance their clients’ satisfaction. It streamlines the documentation authentication, ensures maximum security, and stores your confidential documents.

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