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The Perks of Expense Software Integration with Travel Platform

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Business travel might sound fun and interesting, but it is travelers who know the behind-the-scenes problems involved in booking a business trip. Booking the flights, arranging the schedules, collecting accommodation details, and storing receipts are a few hassles you have to get over in the way of enjoying a business trip. Not to mention, the hundreds of emails that get piled up while you are in the business trip. All these together makes business trip more difficult for frequent travelers.

Fortunately, business travelers are no longer required to undergo such tedious tasks with SutiExpense. Our software solution integrates with the travel solution to streamline the entire business travel process and let you find the best deals on flights and accommodation. Travelers can directly send the receipts to their expense account through expense-travel integration.

SutiTravel makes it easy for travelers who want to book trips and manage the changes on the go quickly and easily; and for corporate managers who need better ways to control spend and ensure policy compliance; travel managers who want a more convenient way to make bookings for corporate clients, and vendors who wish to increase deals, grow revenues and offer the best experience to its customers.

Not only will the integration help streamline the booking process but ease the expense report creation process. When you book a ticket online through SutiTravel, all the travel details will be auto-populated to the SutiExpense while creating the report. This would save your time and reduce the fraud as the trip details will be automatically moved to your expense account.

Also, the integration will help you stay within the compliance. All the travel policy rules will be built-in within the application so as to make sure the flights and accommodation your employees book will comply with your travel policy. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about T & E policy compliance.

The bottom line is that expense integration with travel platform will take out the hassles associated with business travel for employees and administrators alike.