Centralized Process Simplifies Your Business Travel Expense Management

The traditional expense management process requires a huge amount of manual intervention to properly validate spends against business policy and ensure that those spends are routed to the appropriate approvers prior to payment. It costs a lot of money in company capital to support this business process, which also lacks stability, visibility, and process continuity. A sophisticated expense report solution provides a consistent and programmatic approach that replaces a substantial amount of manual intervention.

The system automatically validates all expenses against business policy at the time of submission, and prevents employees from submitting a noncompliant spends. The software also provides an option to submit valid explanation for over-spend items, and allows approvers to decide whether full, partial or zero reimbursement should be given. It applies approval routing rules based on attributes of the expense item or on the complete expense report. With the help of a rules engine you can easily create and maintain various combinations of standard routing and exception routes. The solution flags duplicate expenses at the time of spend entry, or audits those expenses as a part of reporting.

The software ensures that accurate allocations were provided for the expenses, and frees your approvers/managers from worrying about compliance to business policy. With this solution your team will gain complete visibility into management approvals, explanations, and policy violations, along with copies of all receipts. You no longer have to re-key the approved expenses into your financial systems for payment; the system makes it automatically.

Best-in class expense report solutions help you a lot by applying policy rules and approval delegation without the need of manual intervention. By replacing all human interventions the system reduces cost and increases operational efficiency of your expense management program.